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  1. I once got the runs on a ride to Sturgis about 17 years ago. Rest stop to rest stop all the way across S Dakota. Ate a bag full of cherries in Iowa.
  2. Wow, what a zinger. You sure put me in my place with that one.
  3. seeing that it's soccer, the name needs to appeal to the local gay demographic.
  4. Are you trying to lecture me, or someone else?
  5. No. With one side it's all about spending as much as humanly possible and then some.
  6. How is bologna tits offensive ato the Polish? How about sausage tits then?
  7. That's easy. Because it's nothing but PC progressivism.
  8. Zyr vodka is the best vodka I've sampled.
  9. The Democratic party is the party of the very rich and very poor. Everyone else, not so much.
  10. I get it. Your entire existence is identified by race. I thought things were changing in the deep south?
  11. There's nothing wrong with Grey Goose. I guess in your world, one's drinking habits are ethnic dependent?
  12. Why do you tolerant types think all personal slams are race oriented? Some of you are awfully judgmental. How do you live with that weight beating you down every day?
  13. Actually, my great grandparents came from Northern Ireland. The Ulster region to be exact. And Canadian whiskey is much smoother than the Irish swill.
  14. There is space between them. If there was no space between them, they would be a line.
  15. I'm Irish and the stereotype doesn't offend me at all. I even prefer Canadian whiskey.
  16. Ok, a drunk, black Irishman with a bit of Native American ancestry?
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