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  1. Bart Starr, Kenny Stabler, Joe Namath, all Hall of Fame, you have Tua and Jalen still on a wait to see.
  2. You misunderstand, you can't only be interested in Black coaches and be diverse at the same time. Wanting a Black coach is perfectly fine but then saying we want to be diverse is ridiculous!
  3. It would take Arthur to give up at least 40% of his ownership and give Watson veto power over any GM or coaches hired. I think Watson believes the NFL has become the NBA.
  4. I think the whole thing is ridiculous! I can almost 100% assure you if the owners thought a resurrected Osama Bin Laden would win football games and hopefully take them to the Super Bowl, they would line up to hire him!
  5. I know of no place else where Labor gets even close to 48.5%. When the players have to cough up their share of the overhead on these organizations, share the risk, pay for capital improvements, and all the other items that makes up the total, I might be more sympathetic. I'll have add, I really feel sorry for those upper level players who make millions both on and off the field. If it was not for football.........Walmart is hiring!
  6. Yes let's go all out to re-sign Quinn's Buddy Beasley and let Hooper walk....
  7. Hope Arther watched Shanny and San Fran take apart the Packers and thought about his terrible choices leaving us with a non competitive team mainly due to poor coaching in Cap ****!
  8. When Freeman missed that easy block that cost us that sack putting us out of field goal range in the Super Bowl, he should have been gone then!
  9. Mark has won 74% of his games while at Georgia, what is Dan Quinn's percentage........never mind!
  10. Agreed like the guy we let escape to the 49er's where thought Dan Quinn got us to the Super Bowl!
  11. Arthur Blank, probably a D-, has done nothing to settle the fan base. I think he was one of the driving forces on these contracts that the team is stuck with.
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