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  1. Why are the Cardinals YELLOW and the Lions BLACK?
  2. 27 players? i wish we had a list of all of them. Would be interesting to see what plays they worked on the most.
  3. i liked the chrome green on the Jets helmets. something about how it caught the light on TV. might be interesting to see all black unis with chrome accents on the helmet
  4. besides the penalties and turnovers I'm worried that we can't get the ball down field. Seems like its all short passes into coverage. have we made any attempts over 20 yards? Since i live in the Washington DC area, Ive witnessed Shannahans offense for 4 years. It was the same thing. Massive amounts of yards but no points and turnovers. Might have to start looking at his coaching. Matt ryan looks like Rex Grossman out there
  5. Why not try to organize a BLACK OUT at the stadium where all the fans wear black. Maybe Blank will get the message.
  6. other then the stripe on the pants, these are perfect. the stripe needs to go to the belt. Like to see a black on black version though
  7. I like the all black unis and wish they would at least bring back the black jerseys. I like the current logo over the old one also. I do wish they go back to red/black/silver color combo. Never was a fan of white. I just hope that there is some fan involvement when we update the uniforms. After seeing all the new Nike uniforms i'm really nervous of the coming redo.
  8. are teams allowed to give out playbooks? with the new players association agreements? maybe he was trying to cover it up
  9. wasn't smitty superstitious about the all black uni? Lets hope they bring them back this year. Really hope when they decide to redo the unis they let the fans vote on the redesign so we don't end up with that trashy mess the Bucs and Jags are stuck wearing.
  10. you guys forget about Antone Smith? one cut and with his speed could be perfect fit. Devonta Freeman should be good too.
  11. do you think the interceptions are a result of the lack of a running game? more passes equals more picks. no one respects our running game so they are keeping the dbs back making it way more difficult to complete passes. i'm more angry at the coaching staff for not coming up with a way to get some sort of running game going. been tree freaking years and still the same
  12. Whats it like to hand the ball off and watch it go for ZERO yards. Then stand on the sideline and watch the other team drive down the field and score without even being contested. Got to be demoralizing. Seriously Ryan is the least of our worries.
  13. Hopefully when the Falcons change their unis they will be smart and let the fans have a vote on several different designs instead of just giving us no say.
  14. I think Russ Grimm would be a better hire. But this might be a step down for him as hes been mentioned as a head coach candidate.
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