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  1. Isn't the "execution" of the plays a serious responsibility of an OC?
  2. In all seriousness....this reaction was towards the refs because they were holding up the play for some reason.
  3. A qb sneak would have worked better then that BULLSH@T!
  4. Can't give this enough likes! Been saying that for years.
  5. because we played the Bucs and their color rush was all red also so we were forced to wear all white
  6. I want to see the throwback black jersey black helmet with the new emblem. Think we could tweet Sanu to try the uni on before they change the stickers on the helmets?
  7. I know it'll come along... but Ryan missing receivers on deep throws.
  8. I look at this game like our loss to the Eagles last year. Very similar. Except this year our defense won the game.
  9. Not happy with this win at all. Shouldn't have been close with all the Bears injuries. Where was Takk, jarrett, and Beasley? Bears lost their starting corner and we had to depend on two Hooper catches to steal the win? Maybe we aren't showing anything and saving it for the bigger games coming up?
  10. Don't call it a throwback, call in a comeback...LOL! Put the new emblem on the current throwback or the 90's version with silver pants and call it a day.
  11. How do they fit? It says on the store site that we should order a size or two larger since they are form fitting. I'm also wondering if i should save my money in case there is a redesign for next year
  12. I plan on buying amazon Firestick tv if I can't get Direct TV to give a discount. I just don't see how anyone pays almost 400 dollars. Since I'm in Maryland how do I watch the Atlanta broadcast? Is Kodi app what I need to download?
  13. I don't know. Looking at that schedule, it makes keeping Kyle Shanahan a PRIORITY! I don't think we can go into next season learning a new system against those teams.
  14. Look what Mike Smith defense did against us last game because he had PLAYERS! Proof is in the pudding, Dimitroff has to go!
  15. Don't forget Aldrick Robertson. Looks like he could do some damage or at least as a decoy on some fly routes. But i fear the Raiders are go to dial up some double A gap blitzes that we can't stop.
  16. I hate Shanahan. I live near DC so I got to see him when he was running the redskins offense. Soive seem enough of his weird play calling. But after rewatching the Bucs game I can honestly say it wasn't him that lost us that game. The offensive line and defensive lines were the main culprits. The offensive line missed SO many blocks they should be locked up for attempted murder on the RBs and QB. Even the draw play on 3rd and goal from the 18 should have gone at least 5 to 10 yards if the left guard would have blocked properly.
  17. Does anyone remember them running no huddle for ONE freaking play? I think it was a freeman run for a first then they went no huddle and called another run for like 5 yards and i was like " ok here we go!" Then they huddled! And the drive stalled!
  18. You can see it in his eyes that he lacks confidence out there on the field. Something I didn't see in before him before Shanahan. Also when they showed him on the sideline before the final drive did he actually looked like he didn't want to go back out there.
  19. Don't you think hes throwing Shanny under the bus because his phone isn't ringing?
  20. I stopped liking Roddy during Hard Knocks. Remember when Matt Ryan called a film study with the receivers? He acting disinterested and when Matt asked him what to do on a certain play Roddy said he just wanted to go home. Not something you want a veteran to say in front of rookies. Kinda showed a little disrespect to Matt in my opinion.
  21. He should have been benched if this was the case
  22. So all the teams are going with grey uniforms? LOL...I'm an idiot. I just saw the color rush uniform might be grey and immediately jumped to this conclusion. sorry for wasting everyones time.
  23. ....that in the Falcons shop that the new hats are Black and Grey. Fewer red options and even fewer white. The shirts also have gone toward the grey and black. http://www.officialfalconsgear.com/headwear/draft-headwear/2016-draft-flex-fit.html Could this mean the grey pants or more are coming back ?
  24. And the Raiders are GOLD? WTF! The top line does say the designs can change so lets hope so.
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