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  1. They have to have a white jersey option correct? I'm thinking three jerseys and three pants making multiple combos.
  2. I just watched the highlights from the game on NFL.com and on every long pass, Beasley and Takk drop back 5 yards into coverage and just stand there. Leaving just a 3 man rush. WTF!?
  3. It all comes down to pass rush. There is NONE! And its not scheme, its the players we have. I don't think it can be coached at this point. Did we blitz? Seems like the only way to get to the QB.
  4. I noticed the other day that they don't sell the white jerseys anymore.
  5. If this team is going to play with a new attitude like Quinn stated, they should get new uniforms to help set the tone. Blank would be an idiot not too. More money from everyone buying the new merchandise and would give us something to get excited about after a down season.
  6. Think about our draft pics holding up the new uniform ! Be an awesome way to unveil it.
  7. Have you listened to Weis on the radio? Such a bore! LOL
  8. What about Pettine from GreenBay. Or try to get Gus Bradley.
  9. explain to me how not doing a redesign helps sales? Seem to me if made a killer new uniform. Current fans would have to buy to replace the ones they have been wearing for 10 years. And may actually create a new fan base. That would then need to buy new merchanise
  10. They did te same for me. i hope they do it again when i call this weekend. I think this is DTV trying to show the NFL that they are selling subscriptions to try to retain the exclusive rights to Sunday Ticket. I think the contract is up in 2020.
  11. Sunday Ticket Max is now 400 dollars. 68 dollars a month. Its just crazy. I wish Blank would become a pioneer and start a single team channel for like 20 dollars a month.
  12. This is the only way I'd like the red helmets over the black helmets.
  13. Why are they doing this? Are they designers for the NFL teams?
  14. Can;t to see more of Alex Gray. Hes got some speed and is fearless...
  15. Tennessee Titans are getting new ones this year also. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/20681354/the-readers-deliver-their-submissions-titans-uniform-redesign
  16. Just change the vertical stripes one the sleeves of the current uniform and keep the black throwbacks for two games and I'd be happy. Maybe bring back the black pants with the white tops for away games. SOMETHING to make us buy more jerseys...LOL!
  17. Current logo with new number font. optional gray/silver pants.
  18. What would the away uniform look like if went with these? White top black pants? I live in Maryland and when i wear this jersey I'm approached by so many fans of other teams that say that these are the best unis in the NFL
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