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  1. I agree they both are pointy but look at them closer. The one on the release date isn't as dramatic...more contemporary.
  2. Blank said himself there were 4 different pants right?
  3. This Font doesn't match the jerseys...there's hope!
  4. I think hes a Cleveland Browns fan so maybe hes a homer
  5. That chrome red chrome looks like "Fire" LOL
  6. So every player has seen them? Seems risky for leaks
  7. But if you gave the fans say 4 names/logos to choose from it wouldn't happen like this.
  8. I don't understand why teams don't present several designs and let the fans vote for the favorite.
  9. So do you think they reveal them on draft night? Is there a date before then that makes sense?
  10. Can you add black pants? What would the 4th top be?
  11. The Falcons need to give us a release date at least. White helmets would be just as bad as the new Rams logo.
  12. They could vinyl wrap the helmets to get around the NFL helmet rule. If the helmet is matt black with silver emblem, it should have some red on it to match a red jersey. So I like the red outline.
  13. https://images.app.goo.gl/82sXJz5XbbGtAU7g9 THIS under the stadium lights would be SICK!. Take the white out of the emblem and keep the gunmetal facemask to go with gunmetal pants. Black top. Matt finish isn't really revolutionary in my opinion. And just looks wore out. I liked the Vikings helmet at first but now it looks out of place with the rest of the uniforms bright colors.
  14. "Not red" include Chrome red? There HAS to be something "differnt" about the helmet. Tabeek said he REALLY liked it when he held it in person.
  15. I was wondering if they were all going to be revealed on the same day?
  16. Can you explain how you saw them? Did you see the entire unifrom and it variants? Or just one jersey and helmet?
  17. There are 4 jerseys. Almost guaranteed one is the black or red throwback.
  18. He also said he "liked them". He didn't say he LOVED them on twitter. Which scares me LOL
  19. One is probably a throw back set. So there could be 2 red or two black jerseys and two white paints. One new and one throwback.
  20. I find it interesting that the description of this video is almost word for word what Matt Tebeek said of the new helmet. The part about it looking good but even better in person. This helmet could work in that it flips from red to black making both sides of the helmet color debate happy.
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