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  1. 1 hour ago, AUTiger7222 said:

    I think that's allowed unless the rules are different from how they were in the 90s. The Patriots introduced new uniforms for 1993 and then prior to 1994 the Patriots pretty much completely changed them.





    So unless the rules have changed the Falcons should be given the same opportunity if they wish. But I hope they don't. I actually like the shadow effect of the numbers the way they are. I also don't understand why everyone hates the ATL. I also don't understand why everyone is saying the numbers are too big when they look the same size as the ones on the throwback jersey.

    This is why I like them more today then I did yesterday.Because it'll only take minor changes to take them over the top.  Things like replacing the drop shadow with a full outline. Replacing or removing the ATL. Adding red helmets and grey pants to the mix.  There is hope...LOL



  2. Does the team have to wait 5 years to make minor changes? These are close to being really good. Remove the ATL and replace with smaller ATLANTA. Smaller numbers with a red and silver outline. Add grey pants. Then I'd say they were top 10 in the league. Can't they do that next year?


  3. 49 minutes ago, spanish_falcon said:

    I know it won't happen. But I am a bit concerned that Julio is not part of the jersey roll out with the Draft the next week. We have seen Matt, Grady, Rico, Debo even Ridley, so it is weird not having him in any picture.

    Hoping we do not pull out a Bill O´Brian lol

    Said the same thing at lunchtime.

  4. 5 minutes ago, Colbeee said:

    I think the fans are gonna love the all black version.  I think the white will look better on an actual player.   There appears to be a traditional (no stripe) black uniform as well.  The only one I’m not sold on is the gradient.  However it’s going to be interesting to see how the stripe plays on that version as it blends into the red at the top of the jersey.  

    I would hold off on passing judgement until the official pics are revealed.  It’s like when car spy shots leak.  They almost never do the car justice.  I’m anxious to see how these are presented next Tuesday.  

    Have you talked to the source since the leak? Has he said the numbers are like how he saw them?


  5. 2 minutes ago, BUBBASBEANS said:

    The more I study the black and white jerseys the better I like them.  Esp w white pants.  That’s clean and a very classic look. Red stripe on jerseys could go and not a fade lover but the plain black and plain whites are gonna look good I think!  Now, if they can whip out a red helmet at some point we will have a very nice modern classic potentially.  I actually like they old school gray face mask. 

    The side stripe and numbers need a silver outline to go with the facemask. Make it a outline not a shadow on the numbers. Change the font. Then I think I might be ok with this. And get rid of the gradient red and just use straight red with grey pants. Its very simple. These are kinda close to be great.

  6. Just now, DonOfThemBirds said:


    Nike isn't that great at designing football uniforms.


    Even in college. For every good uniform/jersey they design, they have plenty of bad ones because they try to get too creative and trendy instead of making a quality traditional football uniform that has staying power.

    But Nike was supposed to have very little in the design according to the Falcons.

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