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  1. I wonder if its screen printed so it can removed when they take it off next year? LOL
  2. Why they didn't use the number font on their website baffles me.
  3. When they get the red helmets they need to add Grey pants and change the font on the 1 , 6 , 9 at least. Make ATL smaller or change it to Falcons since it says ATL on the helmet already. Black with grey pants would be tougher looking then the Black/White pants combo
  4. So no one is worried about the TRADE assurance policy? First no Julio in the release photos and now this? I have a bad feeling he is getting traded before the draft...LOL
  5. This is why I like them more today then I did yesterday.Because it'll only take minor changes to take them over the top. Things like replacing the drop shadow with a full outline. Replacing or removing the ATL. Adding red helmets and grey pants to the mix. There is hope...LOL
  6. I'm going to be in denial till the end of the last game next season...LOL
  7. They wouldn't with different pant combos. And I read they have socks coming.
  8. Does the team have to wait 5 years to make minor changes? These are close to being really good. Remove the ATL and replace with smaller ATLANTA. Smaller numbers with a red and silver outline. Add grey pants. Then I'd say they were top 10 in the league. Can't they do that next year?
  9. How long does the team have to wait to make simple changes like number font and outlines? removal of the ATL and replace with a small "ATLANTA"? You seee its on the inside of the collar? Who sees that? Hopefully not 5 years. These are so close to be REALLY good. Just needs some tweaks.
  10. I was spreading it around Twitter. Someone else did it though. It's a simple fix. Looks 100 percent better. I want to see a silver outline added to the numbers as well the helmet match the helmet
  11. Have you talked to the source since the leak? Has he said the numbers are like how he saw them?
  12. The side stripe and numbers need a silver outline to go with the facemask. Make it a outline not a shadow on the numbers. Change the font. Then I think I might be ok with this. And get rid of the gradient red and just use straight red with grey pants. Its very simple. These are kinda close to be great.
  13. Maybe someone high up will come out and say that these aren't the new jerseys...you know kinda like the Rams did about their new emblem when the draft hat was released. We all know how that turned out.
  14. Didn't the Falcons learn anything from the Bucs?
  15. But Nike was supposed to have very little in the design according to the Falcons.
  16. Unless his guy saw these pics? And they are concepts?
  17. there is this tweet.... ...says mostly throwbacks with no suprises. He said the Falcons was his second favorite but took it down
  18. I think they might have been listening to the Saints fans
  19. I mean this is COMPLETELY opposite of everything the team has been telling us!
  20. Original font. look at the 0 and 2 compared to the font in the release date.
  21. Well we have 7 days to get the team to change the number size and get rid of the shadow then add an silver and black outline. Outline the side stripe also if they are keeping it. Who do we contact!?
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