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  1. The Falcons message board approves of something I said? This is new and exciting!
  2. We put up more points against them with a morgue of a receiving unit and a turnstile of an offensive line than Manning and his legendary offense..I would like to politely request that you resiliently suck on that, haters.
  3. Teams are actually interviewing DeCoud? I better make some calls.. I wouldn't wish that on anyone but the Saints and Panties.
  4. LEBRON JAMES DIED!??! Oh no.. Oh no no no no no no no....This is bad. This is very bad. He was such a resilient man. Kinda guy you always make sure to tip your hat to.
  5. I like the way you guys talk about him! Maybe you're onto something..
  6. I got rid of Mularkey and PornStache! Nolan is fantastic. He actually scares me a bit 'cause I like my head coaching job. Dirk is competent. He won't be winning games with his scheme alone but with Matty at QB we don't really need the best OC. Look at Manning. Robiskie is the best out there, in my opinion. I finally got rid of Hamilton too so you might actually see pressure on the QB not named Matt Ryan next year! And hopefully, since we plan to get a new offensive line coach, you'll see Matty getting hit less.
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