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  1. Blind squirrel.. I’m just ready for him to go. I’m trying guess what slogan he will come up with for his going out speech.
  2. Anyone ever seen Quinn talk to ref over a bad call? Ever seen him even display displeasure with ref over a bad call? That call against Foye (I believe that’s who) in the hit on Goff would have set me off. I would stick up for my players. **** I can’t even remember Quinn questioning a call. Maybe it’s just me. Do I think they’ll reverse the call? No. My guys would SEE I have their back. I always see other coaches display their unhappiness with crap calls. I’m so ready for him to go. Carry on Dan, Carry on.
  3. Team is soft. Just like coach. Rewatching game..... both lines suck, corners just bad. Campbell is lost, Freeman should not be playing. This team is way out of position on defense. Jarret, Kazee, Debo, Allen, are literally the only players I can say I’d keep on defense. Ismael is decent in run coverage. God their bad.
  4. How about Quinn is just not that good of a coach. The way I understood it was he had control of draft and his choice I’d free agents. TD was in charge of getting him the players Quinn needed. Quinn defense actually looked good last half of sb year. What happened? I actually hold Blank more responsible that TD. Blank needs to quit with the “Falcons for Life”.
  5. No. Quinn doesn’t want to be here. I truly believe that. How in the Sam he** can his defense be THIS bad? Guys out of position so bad it’s obvious. Then press conferences, he** just bring a recorder and press play why don’t you. Cmon Blank try out someone else for this season. See if the players respond. If their not a fit, someone else will be available.
  6. To me it’s not the amount (which I’m not happy with just for context purposes here), it’s how they happen. The only one I give Matt a pass on is the Hail Mary to Julio against Philly. He had no hope. All out blitz on. 3rd down. Sling it deep. The rest are just dumb ***throws. Get Stocker off the field. He seems to be a magnet for Matt’s picks.
  7. In a 4 wide set, with the receiving core we have, yep I’m looking for Stocker down the middle where Matt knows there’s another defender. Yep, sure.
  8. This^^^, Kazee, and Campbell didn’t know when to trade off responsibilities time after time. Inside slot tight end would break out and running back would start wheel route, and there stands Kazee and Campbell not knowing who had who. Too many times Kazee got caught looking in backfield, while his man slipped outside for a WIDE OPEN catch. To me that’s on the coaches. **** call a timeout and get that s***corrected now. Don’t write it down on your notepad for next game.
  9. Neal and Debo always seem to be where they are supposed to be. Instincts....cant teach it. Very few have it. Lucky to have them both.
  10. Can someone locate for me the crystal ball that's tells them info about who would have been available later in the drafts?
  11. Finally getting some lineman that can POSSIBLY push some people around. For a long time seems like we've almost HAD to have some scheme based guys. Some of these guys looking at our newest lineman vids., can actually move some peeps. Nice. Love seeing vids and such on our new players. You guys know where to find the "hidden" ones. Good work. Kudos.
  12. Anyone remember how Dallas Cowboys felt after the Zac Martin pick?