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  1. Neal and Debo always seem to be where they are supposed to be. Instincts....cant teach it. Very few have it. Lucky to have them both.
  2. Can someone locate for me the crystal ball that's tells them info about who would have been available later in the drafts?
  3. Finally getting some lineman that can POSSIBLY push some people around. For a long time seems like we've almost HAD to have some scheme based guys. Some of these guys looking at our newest lineman vids., can actually move some peeps. Nice. Love seeing vids and such on our new players. You guys know where to find the "hidden" ones. Good work. Kudos.
  4. Have to think Atlanta coaches were REALLY tired of seeing us get blown off the ball on 3 and 1. Shouldnt have to go wildcat to get a yard.
  5. Looks to have some shifty feet for his size.
  6. Watch ""Welcome to Atlanta" || Qadree Ollison Highlights 2018-19 Pittsburgh RB | ᴴᴰ" on YouTube
  7. Falcons pick again... nice.
  8. Anyone remember how Dallas Cowboys felt after the Zac Martin pick?
  9. Maybe Blank has seen Matt Ryan get sacked too many times. Hes pulling rank.
  10. Give me one of those big o lineman, or Lawrence.
  11. CBS Sports app sorry no link
  12. Happy Birthday man....Cheers!!
  13. TD man.....dont be giving up ANY picks. If DQ has proven one thing to me, it's that he can spot talent. Keep our picks. Just IMO