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  1. LMAOOOOO he hasn't posted here since April 30th. We were right and he was so wrong and its great.
  2. In all seriousness tho, Irvin was a must pickup for the Falcons. He and Cam Jordan have done the best job consistently at sacking Cam Newton
  3. Lol I know that winning by 7 at home Week 16 was your Super Bowl Bet you forgot how they lost 38-0 2 weeks prior Lemme remind you
  4. Lol i know its great. Its why i came back to post a bit
  5. Lol W?W probably got turned down by a bank teller That doesn't change the fact that Cam is likely to make a clean sweep of the awards and trophies this year. I know you are hurting bruh
  6. Pretty much lol especially considering it's very likely Cam wins MVP, a SB, and SB MVP. I know he's hurting bad lol and knowing how much he hates Cam makes it even better. This is good times. And the worst time to be a Falcons fan lol and especially a cam hating one is W?W
  7. Lmao he knows his QBs will never be as good as Cam and never take them to a SuperBowl
  8. Good post OP. I'm sure most falcons fans don't feel that way because they are too butthurt to see it.
  9. lmaooo OP is so butthurt. Cam Newton>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Matt Ryan Deal with it faggots
  10. Basically buy it won't happen lol
  11. Lol it must suck to know you ruined this forum just because you wanted all the power
  12. "Don't leave sycola" lmao now they are begging
  13. Nobody is coming back to regular posting. You guys did this to yourselves. It's what happens when you treat people bad.
  14. Well yall already know the one and only reason I stopped posting here and his ***** *** knows it too
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