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  1. Agreed
  2. Lmao wtf
  3. All of the above
  4. Yeah I know but I never liked Lebron lol Curry and Wall are my favorite non-Heat players
  5. Yeah Draymond does talk alot of **** but they have backed it up. I have no problem with it if they back it up this year
  6. How are they cocky? If anyone is cocky, it Lebron.
  7. Warriors in 5
  8. he's still an average defender. Before he was below average
  9. Aight man
  10. Exactly thats why his proclamation was dumb as ****. I hope Deng stays
  11. We are not getting either of those so are you gonna do it or are you scared?
  12. Shaq averaged 13ppg in the Finals that year but he carried Wade right? Btw no one does it on their own. Its a TEAM sport
  13. What who does? Sounds like you're scared
  14. Lololololol try winning a conference finals game. I will name and sig bet for you a YEAR that the Heat finish higher than 8th in the East next year Or are you scared and feel like a dumbass for saying that?
  15. So the Hawks have still yet to win a conference final game but at least the finally got there this time. The East will be more competative next year with the Heat and Pacers being fully healthy