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  1. I agree with Teco over Freeman. If Teco was given the same or more carries than Freeman I believe he would perform better and I expect his carries to increase this season.
  2. Tyreek Hill's ranking is justified imo. His ability to change the momentum of games by returning kicks and punts is remarkable. He also made some big plays against us as well.
  3. Ryan, JJ, Freeman, and Beasley
  4. I learned a lot about Duke Riley in only a few seconds. I'm liking the pick so far
  5. Boring? The only thing boring about this video was the reporter hassling him with a bunch of dumb questions. I would've been bored too. He was trying to enjoy a night out minus the paparazzi.
  6. Sometimes we on this board post quality info. Other times we post things that are irrelevant. This time is the latter.
  7. I agree with others that there is no clear answer. However, I like that our FO has always been aggressive. If we deem a player elite, we make a deal
  8. 1) Julio 2) Ryan 3) Mack 4) Trufant 5) Matthews
  9. It'll be interesting to see whether they decide to address RG via FA or draft. I'd like to see a long-term replacement added to solidify the OL
  10. He looks like an absolute BEAST!!! He's only going to get better and if he's half the player his brother is we'll be in great shape! He has all of JJ's traits except the size. Unmatched effort, excellent hand usage at the POA, quickly disengages from blockers, great instincts to bat and even intercept passes at the LOS, relentless motor!!! A lot of teams will be sorry they didn't draft him. He's going to be a great player.
  11. Figures lol. That's the only name I've seen mentioned lately
  12. I haven't been keeping up with the offseason as much this year (partly due to the Super Bowl heartbreak). It looks like there's a TON of talent in this year's draft class, which works out well for us considering where we pick. The way I see it, we should be targeting RG, DT, DE, FS. Can somebody fill me in on FA and draft targets??
  13. That works too lol We actually did that A LOT in the second half of the first matchup. We nearly abandoned the run and started shredding the defense with PA crossing/out routes to Julio and Sanu Seahawks will definitely try a few trick plays so we'll have to play discipline by not going for reverses, flea flickers, and misdirections
  14. Exactly, if we can just keep Matt upright then their pass rush becomes a non-factor and he'll destroy their defense. It's easier said then done though