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  1. Having Chancellor and Thomas to helped make up for his physical limitations as well. We probably won't see another defense of that caliber for a long time. Maybe never especially since the league is trying to get rid of the Kam Chancellor-type of players. The unnecessary roughness they called last night on the Detroit DB was ridiculous, not sure what they expect him to do there. Denver's 2015 defense was forgettable lol
  2. As stated earlier, Ramsey travels with the opposing team's #1 WR and is naturally going to give up more yds. Whereas Trufant covers a deep third and underneath routes against the #1 WR whichever WR happens to be on his side of the field on that particular play, which could be the #2 or #3 receiver and he still has a lower passer rating and completion percentage than Ramsey. Ramsey would resemble LOB Sherman in the same Cover 3 scheme Trufant's in. They're not the same player.
  3. Tru and Alford definitely aren't a good fit for DQ's scheme, which is why I never understood why he didn't simply draft the guys to best fit the scheme. Instead he tried to force the scheme onto players who didn't fit. I guess he tried getting one of his guys by drafting Jalen Collins, but that's another story. I'm not suggesting Ramsey is a world-beater either just one of the best in the game today and therefore worth giving up capital for. The football IQ is a great point. Not sure Ramsey would be on Sherman's level in that regard, but without a doubt more physically gifted
  4. Plus a 78.5 and 91 passer rating is a huge difference lol
  5. Stats are close, but Jalen's are still better. Trufant couldn't catch an INT if his life depended on it (this season is an anomaly) and both players are used in completely different ways schematically. Trufant primarily plays off-zone in which he's asked not to let anyone get behind him in cover 3 and come up and make tackles. Whereas Jalen traditionally follows the other teams top WR so the stats are naturally skewed. I imagine if Jalen was asked to play Trufant's role he'd be even better than Sherman was in Seattle.
  6. You could say the same thing about WR's...oh wait. Talented corners are becoming harder and harder to find in a pass-happy league. They're invaluable. If you have a chance to get one of the best, you do it.
  7. What are his stats? Maybe 1 peanut in exchange for Tru.
  8. Not very helpful and he's as close as it gets to a shutdown corner. Once thing is for sure, we'll get an up close look come Sunday (assuming he plays)
  9. Yes they do. I don't know how many catches, yards, TD, INT he gave up, but feel free to cite some info instead of repetitively saying he allows this and that
  10. Yeah the OL/Gurley seem to be the main problem. The secondary was a very close second though. Even more so once Talib went on IR
  11. Dude the NFL references PFF's rating system lol. Either way, not a fan of PFF grades? What about his peers? Ranked him the #2 CB on the NFL Top 100 as well.
  12. He was rated the #2 CB by PFF last season behind only Stephon Gilmore. Plus, as you said the Rams front seven will also help
  13. I agree, he'd be a waste for us. Great pickup for the Rams
  14. It actually pains me to think we had a chance to land Mack. I remember saying we should've given up whatever it took to get him and others thought it was dumb. Look how that turned out. He may not be a shutdown corner, but he's as close as it gets and he's only 24.