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  1. Too many special effects
  2. I'm all in on this move. Very physical runner. Still having nightmares about Week 6 2017
  3. Wish him all the best...but given the d-line depth (Jarrett, Clayborne, Beasley, Crawford, McKinley, Senat, Davison, Cominsky) I doubt he'll make the final 53.
  4. I see many talking about the big plays/gambling Kazee gave up last season. Relax. It was his first year as the starting FS he's only going to improve with experience. What am I saying? This isn't even a debate. It's Rico, the 2-time Pro Bowlers position to lose.
  5. Doesn't matter. How does a guy have a league-leading 7 INT's at FS and you move him to NB the following season? DQ always preaches "we want to find the best way to feature a guy". Well, you found it and you decide to change his position anyhow? Who's to say Kazee will be any good at NB? NB and FS are two completely different positions that require two completely different skillsets.
  6. Worst draft in Falcons history. Giving up a SECOND AND THIRD to reach YET AGAIN for a OT??? We drafted Deion Jones in the 2nd Round. Goodnight.
  7. Good lord. Nobody cares about Simmons that much.
  8. For now, we completely blew it. Worst pick I've ever seen us make....hope I'm proven wrong come September.
  10. Dude...
  11. Jawaan Taylor '
  12. The wait is over. The smoke and mirrors have subdued...pick is in.
  13. You may get your wish man
  14. Sam Baker 2.0