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  1. Idk maybe because their current QB has been worse 😂. On top of that, Matt Ryan is part of the reason not the only reason we're 0-5. Can't believe I had to explain this.
  2. Dude, they're 1-4 and last in the division. What am I missing? lol
  3. At the end of the day, it's just a scenario where I picked two teams that have proven to be unpredictable and unstable. SF is going to start losing games (think they already have) after losing so many players to injury and teams starting to expose Jimmy G. The familiarity with Shanahan is also a reason why a trade with SF makes sense. So I'd welcome it. I don't care what team he's traded to, I just want him traded in exchange for a 1st round pick.
  4. I've seen one, the TNF game vs Dolphins. That's all I needed to see.
  5. Matt's still only 35, that's not old for a QB. Is he more likely to be traded to a contender? Of course he is. At the same time, I didn't know the Jags were looking to make changes at OC, Matt could fit the next HC/OC's offense perfectly making the trade even more possible. The Jags and Dolphins are dumpster fires, there's no telling what they'll do.
  6. They were all Pro Bowlers except Fournette. So in that case insert Malik Jackson instead. The point still stands.
  7. They've been collecting 1st round draft picks for the past two years. They may be looking to acquire a veteran QB. It wouldn't be the first time. How far away they are is subjective. They have to get a QB sooner or later. Why not get a proven, former MVP QB?
  8. The Jags would never trade Ramsey...traded. The Jags would never trade Calais Campbell...traded. The Jags would never trade Fournette...traded. The Jags would never trade Bouye...traded. The Jags would never trade (insert player)...traded.
  9. 1. Why not? You clearly think highly of him and they need a QB. Minshew isn't cutting it. 2. The pick may be a bit high for JJ, but the Dolphins are also the same team that traded their franchise LT to Houston. 3. There are rumors of MR being on the trading block for a reason. The owner himself didn't sound so confident in Ryan and please don't think for a second he doesn't have the power to ensure Matt is the QB of the future if he wanted to. Money when the game was on the line until this year? lol. Where have you been for the past 2 seasons??
  10. “Matt’s been a franchise leader for us. A great quarterback. One of the leading quarterbacks in the last 13 years in the NFL. So I hope he’s gonna be part of our plans going forward. But that will be a decision that I won’t make — part of it will be up to the player and part of it will be up to the coaching staff. " - Arthur Blank Although many fans don't want to admit it, Ryan's play is rapidly declining. He has the best oline he's had in recent memory, maybe ever. He has one of the best trio of WR's in the league, a solid former first round pick TE, and a healthy Todd Gurley who'
  11. I have social media blocked. Therefore, I can't see what was posted here. Yet somehow I'm SURE it's dumb.
  12. It took this board 5 yrs to realize Allen isn't a starting caliber safety lol
  13. I won't join the hype train on Sheffield. If he could get his head around to play the ball and tackle he'd be a CB1.
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