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  1. I'm still not convinced by the Saints, believe it or not.
  2. Worried about Freeman's long-term health. He's approaching Kuechly territory as far as concussions are concerned.
  3. Well it's obvious at this point who carries the Dallas offense.
  4. Jerry Jones' face was priceless.
  5. Gabriel and Clayborn are breaking out today!!
  6. Go deep to Julio now!!
  7. We've lost all hope when people firmly believe we'll lose both games to the Saints. Division games are usually close and there's still half a season to play.
  8. Hope it's not his last, but with Spoon you never know.
  9. Been hearing often lately that the offense needs more possessions, and I couldn't disagree more. The offense needs to maximize their possessions by scoring more points.
  10. Hooper failing again.
  11. Come on offense...go win the game.
  12. Let Sanu kick lol. Just kidding. If we can get a stop here we may not have to