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  1. Vikings -L Bucs- W Panthers- L Jags- W Panthers- W Saints- W I can really see us finishing the season at 10-6, but not until we're able to finish games!
  2. 12-4 seems pretty realistic to me! With losses to the Cowboys, Colts, Panthers (1), Saints(1)
  3. LOL! Thanks man. It takes patience.
  4. This is awesome! My name is Ivan and I'm from Santa Fe, New Mexico. I'm 31 years old and My wife Amanda and I have been married for almost 8 years. We have two boys: Jayden (7) and Shawn (2). I have been a Falcons fan since the early 90s, and I saw my first Falcons game in Denver in 2004. In 2012, we were fortunate enough to make the trip to Atlanta to watch the Falcons play the Saints on a Thursday night game! As far as sports is concerned, the teams I root for are: Atlanta Falcons, New Mexico Lobos (NCAAB), Alabama Football, Los Angeles Dodgers, and without a NBA team, I enjoy watching LeBro
  5. That's us, TATF!! I love this article, and couldn't agree more! I am looking forward to see Coach Quinn's approach in ATL!
  6. I wish we could say the same thing about where we "sit" in the playoffs.
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