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  1. He died recently. Yes, they made a lot of money off of those vids. I think it was the grandson that was probably making the most off of it.
  2. The guy said it was completely fake. He said he didn't expect it to get so much attention. I guess it was an old tv.
  3. And those uniforms look like UGA knockoffs for the era.
  4. This guy is hilarious. I was going through his other vids and found this.
  5. Most of us just want to vent. Don't put too much stock into what we say this week. It's a process.
  6. Of course we, as fans, can't know that games are fixed. But by the same token, we can't know that they are not fixed. Doesn't anything look fishy to y'all? I think the light bulb just went on for Marshawn Lynch watching this game: Shawn Lynch ‏@MoneyLynch Feb 5 More I kno y I didn't get the ball now. Yes Lawd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 345 replies19,721 retweets25,818 likes Reply 345 Retweet 20K Like 26K Shawn Lynch ‏@MoneyLynch Feb 5 More Wow!!!! 56 replies1,129 retweets3,157 likes Reply 56 Retweet 1.1K Like 3.2K
  7. Someone needs to host a clock management class for the coaching staff this off season. It seems so basic but it seems to be a problem for the Falcons.
  8. They better do something like this to sell PSLs.
  9. My wife posted this on FB last night: My husband done lost his mind
  10. I didn't know they had such a position, but I like it! I think Kyle's ego is too big for him to accept a person like that questioning him. Too bad. Maybe Quinn needs to hire one if he's not going to overrule the OC during the game.
  11. The players really bought into the brotherhood. How can Dan Quinn keep that going? I think it will be a harder sell on the team next year.
  12. I'm about to turn 47 so you and I have seen the same stuff. I still remember Dallas in '80.
  13. I know but was it as much as usual? They usually sub a lot to keep the line fresh. Guess it doesn't matter as they were all on the field all night. I didn't notice Garland getting in there. I know they probably had to save him in case Mack went down, but with just a few minutes left, it maybe would have helped. IDK
  14. Even if Atlanta wins one, it still won't erase this game. I feel so beat down as a fan. I don't mind them losing, but the way they lose is infuriating. SSDY
  15. Yeah. We know, Kyle! It pissed me off more to read that. Why didn't Dan Quinn take Kyle's **** headset away from him?
  16. Did anyone notice if the D was subbing like they usually do? Late in the game, I was thinking that they weren't substituting as much as normal. I'm not rewatching this game. But did Atlanta pretty much leave everyone in the whole time? TIA
  17. It sure did. It felt like Smitty ball all over again. They were trying to kill clock. They didn't need to kill clock, they needed 1 more score and game over. Just ****!
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