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  1. That's fair, but the best example I have that it was MS is the Detroit game. At the end of the first half, Ryan was going no huddle and getting ready to go to work. Mike Smith called him down and made Ryan take a knee. THAT is lack of killer instinct.
  2. I blame that on Mike Smith. I felt like he put handcuffs on Ryan. I can't wait to see what happens this year.
  3. I agree with you, my man. lol I was just trying (and failing) to make a little joke.
  4. Ok. I fixed it. Ryan Leaf likes this comment.
  5. Ryan Leaf likes this comment.
  6. I thought he was trying to insult Cam by calling him Jamarcus, not referring to Jamarcus and Cam.
  7. Oh, it's coming. Winston and Mariota will be anointed before the season starts. Every year, they can't wait to hype up the next best QB ever. It's really just a joke now.
  8. We got the ruler of Zamunda? Sweet.
  9. Yeah if Amari falls in our lap, we take him.
  10. Hi. I started lurking this year and decided to sign up and vent with some of y'all. I'm a lifelong Falcons fan. When I was a kid I used to also like the Seahawks, but I'm talking about Jim Zorn and Steve Largent days. I can't stand that Pete Carrol lead trash talking group. So I'm stuck with the Falcons as my only team, thick or thin. I know everyone is pointing fingers at MS, TD, MR (why, seriously, why?). But I'm going to be one to pile on to MS. I'm so frustrated with the play calling, my wife asks me why I even watch games anymore. LOL I've watched all the coaches except Smitty get changed out and we still do the same stupid stuff. I see some talking about Smittyball as being too conservative. I think there are a few rules that go with Smittyball like: 1) Your defense shall have one and only one pass rusher. Two is too many and three would be a total waste of resources. 2) A run up the middle for no gain is not a wasted play. It sets up the next run up the middle for no gain, which eats clock, and it is good. 3) Don't score too fast! Offense needs to get no more than 10 yards on any given play. 4) As soon as you go up by 2 scores, sit on the lead and play not to lose. 5) This is my favorite. If you are 3rd and 10, pass the ball for 8 yards. Never, ever pass for 11 yards when you need 10. So, yeah, I'm frustrated like many of you. I don't want us to lose out. Losing is never good. Plus, I have no confidence that we will know what to do with a top draft pick if we got it. So, I think I'm just what the board needs, another cynical, frustrated homer looking for answers.