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  1. We're thinking of Theodore Roosevelt
  2. B.O., in all his man whorely glory, will one day meet a woman that will make him head over heels. It happens to us all.
  3. Not of of us have apocalyptic bunkers already stocked.
  4. The accent is just a novelty item that wears off over time.
  5. I'm so tempted to send you Jewish midget porn Give me a min and I'll send it to you.
  6. I can pm you a direct link to stream it to your pc. Torrents are a gamble unless you love malware.
  7. Starting to make more sense now. But after last week, with the undercover video of a CNN producer admitting fake news, I'm starting to doubt Trump less and less in his accusations. But I'm still fence riding with him.
  8. That wall would starve the east coast because he basically cut's off the breadbasket of the U.S.
  9. I tried reading it backwards but it didn't help. Must be part of the Da Vinci Code.
  10. I'm going back to bed, enjoy your day guys and gal.
  11. Every time I barf I think I'm going to sh1t myself
  12. That's very millennial of you.
  13. I think I'm pregnant.
  14. I had to sit it in the doorway to pull smoke out of the house when the pie she was making boiled over and started smoking. FYI, just because you moved out to the garage "apartment" doesn't mean you are independent yet. I do have the means of going to the fuse box and removing your power.
  15. Jesus, I can only imagine.
  16. Yeah, that's her.
  17. Guys, I've been barfing since we got on the plane for the trip home. Do you know how awful it is for the whole plane to listen to you barf through the restroom door the entire trip home?
  18. it's the one we adopted from the shelter, through ABF suggestions.
  19. @marla_mulder
  20. I thought it was a little better than average compared to the other X-Men movies, but I wasn't blown away by any means. But that's my fault since I really need to take action movies for what they are, and not trying to look for Oscar award winning story. This may sound crazy, but Tim Burton's Batman is probably the best superhero movie giving the Burton's vision and the gloomy look of the movie. The Dark Knight w/ the Joker was a great movie with Ledger carrying the movie throughout, but the ending was lame imo.
  21. You can tell the difference between married men like me and mdrake and a teenager like this Mack kid.
  22. Honestly, I have no idea what you are talking about. I made a joke to B.O. about his entrepreneurship. Are you sure you quoted me by accident or just quoted the wrong comment? I'm starting to agree with mdrake about your antics here.