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  1. Just gave a job interview to a guy wearing a Saints jacket.
  2. Half of the Christams gifts I buy You tried Swappa ?
  3. Cut Julio. I hear he's overrated.
  4. Wes looked like he was on lollerskates on the MR sack.
  5. This page....
  6. Redskins gonna Redskin
  7. Write a poem about it.
  8. Like chocolate covered anchovies.
  9. I use to work at a t-shirt printing company when I was a teen. There was a black woman there who constantly sexually harassed me by asking if I "eat p*ssy" and if I would come home with her.
  10. Are the nurses facing criminal charges?
  11. His only fault with me is that he drops INTs too much.
  12. This thread has me sitting at my computer..... Rock on my brothers.
  13. Art is now under attack.
  14. It's time to trade Matt Ryan and bring in Tim Teebow.
  15. Dude, I seriously almost got my junk blown off.
  16. I've already taken a bullet to the hip.
  17. I wanna know where are all the women who sexually harass men? And if they're reading this, I'm vulnerable right now.
  18. I was being sarcastic.
  19. Looks like she had a Cosby cocktail.
  20. This is procrastination talk. And no one is saying that Florida or anywhere else will be flooded overnight.
  21. Florida will be completely underwater too.
  22. Opinions? There's other videos in this tweet of him being weird around little girls.