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  1. You assumed Robert Lee was a white guy without reading the article...
  2. Yes, this really just happened http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/aug/22/espn-pulls-announcer-robert-lee-university-virgini/
  3. porn star Houston
  4. Corporate America starts riots every Black Friday.
  5. I don't watch Hannity or tv actually [except GoT]. Please don't use the liberal "Fox news told you so" line with me because I'm not a conservative. I just read a post that had a racist jab which no "context" can spin. If a conservative posted on this forum with a quote saying "Black folk's greed run's a world in need", this forum would implode with racists accusations, and rightly so. You've somehow reversed trolled to make it sound like I agree with Gazoo. Impressive, you bastrd, impressive.
  6. I think it's time to let liberals know that they are not our saviors to rid the world of evil. They are Apple Cybernetic Organisms running on internet fuel. Pull the plug and they'll reboot, then turn on themselves.
  7. Is it "context" or the person reciting the racist remark? First do you consider "white folk’s greed runs a world in need" is in any form racists? Why didn't he just omit that part? Was that racist quote absolutely necessary for context? This reeks of hypocritical.
  8. I understand the context but when you add that tiny little racist jab, it's hard to ignore.
  9. I love when I make you say "OH, FFS". I gives me a funny mental image The Manson bit was an exaggerate joke. I'd tell you to chill out but that would deprive me of you FFS post.
  10. Obama. I quit questioning Gazoo. It's as if you are writing a country music song and yet you borrow a racist line from David Allan Coe. Then if someone says "hey, that's racist", your fall back could be "I was quoting someone else". Which begs to differ why you would include a racist line in your body of work to begin with.
  11. Why did he use that quote though?
  12. I want to arm wrestle Gazoo and his muscle shirt.