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  1. Remember the black people in Chicago who tortured a white mentally handicap man? Well the first one to go to trial only gets 4 years probation. If that was 4 white people torturing a black man, would the outcome and outcry be different? http://www.abc15.com/news/national/woman-sentenced-to-four-years-probation-for-live-streaming-torture-of-mentally-handicapped-man
  2. I'm not saying he's wrong or right, but he's definitely playing the race card like democrats love to do. Plus race is irrelevant when it comes to child molesters.
  3. Gotta love those race cards. Too bad they're not collectible like Pokemon cards.
  4. Like giving your kids money so they can buy a present for you.
  5. It's a potato chip
  6. Gainesville is the only store that has them in stock now.
  7. The top of that dude's head fits perfectly under Kelly Ann Conway's nose giving the optical illusion that she has a big bushy grey beard.
  8. I gotta go to bed. 4;45 comes early. G'nite fellers
  9. Adoption normally means two.
  10. It's cool, she's his step mother.
  11. 3 INTs and only down by 7 somehow.
  12. Beasley in coverage again, this game is done.
  13. Does Quinn have the balls to put Shaub in if MR throws one more int?