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  1. Everyone accusing each other of being racist again.... I'd say this place never gets old but I'd be lying.
  2. happy veteran's day guys
  3. this is pathetic 10-6
  4. Then she tells you that she's got worms.
  5. C'mon man, at least talk a little **** about Auburn winning.
  6. From the Taints Forum....
  7. @big_dog Jimmy Carter
  8. That's what I'm seeing too. My YT recommendations is showing a Kemp victory speech while another shows Abrams not conceding. I cut the cord so I don't get live tv coverage.
  9. So is Kemp the governor now?
  10. He's a polite racist who sheds a tear from time to time to distract you from his true nature. Nothing to see here honestly.
  11. Is this some kind of liberal conspiracy? wtf is going on here?
  12. I luv when Trout's a ****