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  1. Were still throwing logs on the fire to keep ours running.
  2. The best way to kick cigarettes is to smoke weed instead.
  3. AOC will claim the emitted steam contributes to global warming.
  4. It's funny to go back and watch his interview. The part where he says he punched the "attacker" makes me lol. The dude can't even hold his mouth straight when he starts describing what happened, it's weird as ****.
  5. The ladies on The View look pretty stupid right now too....but that's nothing new.
  6. I hear that Canada has a height requirement to enter.
  7. Easy now, he already said he's pissed at those who doubt his story.
  8. He unknowingly does a mean tucker carlson stupid face
  9. I'm just not into FakeApp AOC porn videos like you. It's you guys' political bs videos thats overtaking my nintendo-transformers suggestion feed.
  10. MSNBC just tore AOC a new azzhole.....basically calling her an idiot with a twitter following yes, this is a satire video (that came up on my timeline thanks to you guys ) but it has the msnbc clips of them pissed off at her.
  11. Dude's reaction is priceless
  12. Nothing calls attention to Brexit more than saggy tits.
  13. I hope he crashes into a sarlacc pit, 5 min into the movie. ****, it would probably just spit him back out anyways.
  14. But ESPN loves him. That's all I need to know.