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  1. I have no political leaning. They consider you a troll too. I'm simply walking through no man's land on the way to the wh0re house.
  2. The origins of WOR.
  3. Who is this "Spongebob" guy? And what does this "leveling with trolls to get anywhere" statement mean?
  4. I got a special surprise this week, and a few more consoles/games. I'll post a pic in a few min.
  5. CNN credibility loss started with the summer long BLM race baiting segments.
  6. It's true. But Mdrake has suddenly become the backdoor man.
  7. CNN lost all respect from me long before Trump became president.
  8. I try to stay friends with everyone here
  9. Just to keep this fair, the Left gets their lies from CNN like the Right gets it's from Infowars. Both will say whatever to make the other side look bad. I don't think DH and WFW are trolls, they just have unpopular opinions on this mostly Left board.
  10. I'll be back tomorrow with this week's nintendo pickups.
  11. Thighs are dark meat, you know.
  12. I don't think you're the right person to determine the whiteness of the white scale.