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  1. I might have to quote this post for future arguments.
  2. I would have helped you track him down and kick his ***.
  3. Bunchy Carter is one of the most racist people here (against whites and Jews) but bangs a white girl. Banging a white girl does not disqualify you from being racist. If he was in prison, he'd be giving head, and come up for air just to call you a fagg0t. That's the type of punk *** he is.
  4. I spent $170 on it an she doesn't even play it
  5. Wish you guys were here. There's not really any hot women out here, just middle aged ladies.
  6. Imagine having a 3 way with them....
  7. Our boat is here, I will be back tonight.
  8. I started reading 2 pages ago I think. This thread is like the flu epidemic, it's 100 pages before you know it.
  9. He makes it too easy.
  10. You actually got me there. You tricky bstard.
  11. dogs sniffing her *** a few min ago
  12. I will say this....I believe black people are living in a white man's world, It's a shame.
  13. How can anyone here tell another person what their life was like growing up without actually knowing what they've been through?
  14. I was born to a single mother who was in a mental breakdown because my dad died in a helicopter crash 2 months before. We lived with my grandparents until I was 11. I joined the Army so I could have a steady paycheck and an a degree. The "white privilege" lingo is a broad sweeping brush that doesn't apply to all white people. Only white yuppies like Trump's kids. Would Lavar Ball's children be considered "black privilege"?