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  1. That was weak @ss tackling by the Taints there
  2. Saints fans right now....
  3. Watching the Taints game myself.
  4. Hold my non-alcoholic beer.
  5. So everyone is evil and honor your "deals", got it.
  6. I strictly speaking hostages and materials for war against America.
  7. When a country is overturned by a terrorist regime that takes American hostages, you don't give the money back to the regime. It goes beyond economics. At the very least, the money belongs to the Iranian people themselves.
  8. I sense you want me to defend those countries when in fact my statement applies to everyone.
  9. I'm convinced that she's a flamboyant homosexual cross-dressing male.
  10. I consider them a terrorist govt, but not the modern Iranian people. If they want their money back (after taking American hostages and covertly sending in ied materials, etc. to iraq) then tell them to grow a pair and come get the money back.
  11. I wouldn't have gave it back.