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  1. I cropped out my red high heels.
  2. I have a habit of identifying who I'm talking about. I mean nothing by it. I think it's from my training in the army of conducting surveillance.
  3. Wednesday night when I was coming home from work, I took a backroad home. When I was coming around a curve I noticed that the trees were lit up in front of me and when I got closer I saw a car down an embankment on fire. The car went off the road and hit a tree. I ran down there and there was a black guy unconscious behind the wheel. The entire front of the car was on fire so I tried to get him out as fast as I could. The door was jammed and it took everything I had to pull it open. The dash was crushed all the way up to his knees. I could only pull him out to where his shoulders were laying on the ground while his legs were still pinned under the dash. Another guy pulled up and stayed at the top of the embankment. He wouldn't help me and kept screaming that it was going to blow. I ran back to my truck and grabbed the fire extinguisher and a crowbar. I sprayed the the front down but the fire wouldn't go out. It's a small fire extinguisher that I had so I used the last little bit and sprayed his legs with it. I took the crowbar and shoved it through the dash and finally got him free. I dragged him away back up the hill. I tried cpr on him and checked his pulse but he was already dead. It took around 20 min for the fire truck and ambulance to come. By that time the car was totally in flames. Somehow during this I sliced my leg open but I didn't feel it because of the adrenaline. Me and the mrs went to his funeral today and I met his family. His mother thanked me for doing what I could. I just take comfort in knowing that I gave her an open casket for her son. He wasn't married and didn't have any kids. He was coming home from work too. This kinda wrecked my nerves a bit where my (mild) ptsd is showing it's ugly head again. Right now I'm on a crutch to keep weight off it because it's a pretty deep cut and went into the muscle some. Me, Mike, and the family are going to head to Florida to do some deep sea fishing here in a few days so I can relax. I probably won't be on much in the next few weeks. Here's a pic of my leg. It's not too bad. I've had worse.
  4. Are you serious right now?!? he said.. It's not that hard N****** and you're telling me he's not calling me the n word because thats not how you read it?!? So you let Bunchy posts death threats to me, delete them for him, and ban me for saying **** when I responded. Now you let another member call someone the n word and that's cool with you. That's the last straw Larry.
  5. Um... he literally called me the n word..
  6. I don't know if I cooked the crab legs right but they made my butthole start throwing up later that night.
  7. Bratwurst are pretty good
  8. @DoYouSeeWhatHappensLarry
  9. Dude, go back to TATF. You're only making an *** of yourself here.
  10. So you just literally spelled the n word and was saved by the filter?
  11. Sorry, I don't do twitter.
  12. Somehow, I'm not surprised.
  13. She looks like a sex robot.
  14. I love olives too. I eat the stuffed green olives right out of the jar. And I can't have a taco salad without black olives (and sour cream)