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  1. Technically she identifies as American now. But I still tell everyone she's from Australia when they hear her accent. She hates that.
  2. JFC. Is there like a 10 sec time limit so everyone can get there say in?
  3. NDT is "pretty sure" that we live in a simulated universe. Hence his no fcks given about mass shooting victims. I guess they need to insert another quarter to keep playing. Life is a game of Roy to him.
  4. Just promise me that you'll put a Yoo Hoo and some fish sticks in my casket before they close it.
  5. it's the apple fritter talking
  6. The best debates are physicists arguing over quantum theories. Arguing while trying to be polite is awkward and awesome.
  7. You're trying to put me in an early grave.
  8. God he's a dumb ***. I know exactly what they used. It's NOT commercial equipment, trust me.
  9. Btw, what's up with Cam's hair? Is the poor black child look in now?
  10. I'm watching the Sucs/Panties game. I want the Sucks to win, but barely. I hope Cam and Jameis throw 5 ints each.
  11. Since you guys pulled me down the political rabbit hole that I try to avoid, I wanna give thanks to @GEORGIAfan for answering all my political questions with no insults involved for being uninformed