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  1. Don't forget the Asian cops. They've been caught quite a few times beating citizens. I've noticed they like to be sarcastically polite while stripping you of your dignity too.
  2. Just need a massive ufo hovering over a major city to complete 2020.
  3. I watched it. I saw the look and subtle body language he was giving off while he was suffocating him. He was enjoying it inside. I've seen his type before in my time of dealing with crazy characters. He's a domestic terrorist and should be treated as such.
  4. @AF89 I've upgraded from fire tv and bought a nvidia shield pro. They're back in stock finally. And you can't loose the remote, it has a locator, thank god.
  5. He's @Billy Ocean's height Series Super Mario Age Same as mario Birthday Unknown Sex Male Height 5'5" (165 cm) Weight 308 lbs (140 kg) Alignment Neutral Evil
  6. They're just okay to me. I don't hate them but I don't love them either.
  7. Dude, you literally sent me a dm about "our beef" out of the blue. Clearly you've been stewing on something where you had to click the dm button and write about it. And what exactly is our "beef"? You never explained that part to me. I even replied back not knowing WTH you were talking about.
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