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  1. Can't believe that "e r e c t" is in the filter. I e-rect towers for a living.
  2. I still remember finding a tube of "Maintain" (*****ion cream) on the side of the wrong while walking to the bus stop.
  3. But there was those moments when the scrambled porn channel would straighten up for a sec or two and you'd see some tits. There was nothing wrong with the sound from those channels so you could hear the pounding clearly.
  4. All internet attention whores get old really fast regardless
  5. Its gonna take more than one 1st for him to go anywhere. The going rate for him is 3 first rd picks.
  6. Chris Simms tries to cuss while on PFF to make himself look edgy
  7. I feel like he's the best DE in the draft (over Paye or Rousseau). And not because I'm being a homer. I like Rousseau too but I wish he played this year. Ojulari is the anti-Beasley, he doesn't give up on a play.
  8. I'm sorry but this thread doesn't feel right without a pic of Tony on the wall (R.I.P.)
  9. Ain't nothing worse that a port-a-potty on a Mexican jobsite in the middle of summer. I think it's physically impossible for a Mexican to **** a turd. Looks like refried bean cow patties.
  10. those were the good ole' days, no one was over opinionated and everyone smoked mids.
  11. it was double posted because the last person didn't know the other one posted it before.
  12. Bro, I had to teach my wife to drive on the right side of the road.
  13. It was popular here. Saw it posted and commented on multiple times.
  14. I was going to post that but I knew I'd be dogpiled. Seriously, they treat a stage like one of the posters at the mall you have to stare at for 10 min until you see the picture. They're not gonna leave until they see the nazi sailboat.
  15. I have olive skin (like my Italian grandmother). My wife(english) and daughter say they're jealous. They always stick their arms next to mine to see if their tanning enough. My wife is going to look like an old boot by the time she's 60 if she don't stop laying in the pool.
  16. Happy Tan History month to the tan mamba @Corn Pop
  17. Dude looks like he's doing his zoom call during an earthquake.
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