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  1. There's been talks of my MIL coming for an extended stay until it blows over.
  2. Just set him on fire in his wheelchair and be done with it. Good riddance.
  3. "if its 5am and still dark while you're changing the propane tank, and you hear something crawling inside the forklift, don't stick your hand in to investigate". Long story short- it was a mean feral cat that bit down on my thumb, immediately pulled my arm out in pain with the cat still attached, then resulted in me spinning like a helicopter in the parking lot trying to shake the cat off. He sent me to the hospital. Fuuuuuuck forklifts
  4. @Mr. Hoopah! coming in third is all the ointment I need for my butthurt.
  5. Let me introduce to you the Chevette, not to be confused with the Corvette.
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