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  1. Some Tatf'ers act like it waste their time to see these threads, but yet they waste their time to reply "there's already been a thousand of these threads...." I think they just like to btch for the attention.
  2. @Corn Pop I take back everything I've ever said about ABF. I've been lurking in Facebook toy groups just to see that it's mostly 40+ year old men arguing about toys and who has what.
  3. Looks like the same dude that stole the football from the Cincy fan
  4. My cousin just got busted with over 100 pounds of weed. They got her for trafficking and manufacturing too.
  5. I'm totally fine with derailing this thread into a 90's rap greatest hits. None of that mumble rap bullshyt though.
  6. Here's the latest video of a ufo watching a Navy ship before going underwater. Now back to ABF priorities being out of order by bickering over politics....
  7. One time me and mike went to Hardees to eat but he didn't have a shirt on. So I dug in my trunk and found a Randy Travis shirt of RT leaning against a wall, it was size small. Mike put it on and we went in. I was laughing so hard at him with the tight shirt on that he went back to the car and I had to bring his food to him that he already ordered.
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