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  1. I'm done with everything Falcons. I just unsubscribed from their Youtube. I feel like deleting my ******* account from this site. I'm about to go pull my Falcons sticker off my trashcan but ironically I feel it needs to stay. I just don't want to see anything Falcons for a very long time.
  2. I'm done with laptops. Every one I buy ****s up where a key acts like it's stuck and just keeps inputting. Every. ****. Time.
  3. When I'm high, I think she notices. I know she won't say anything to my wife cause she don't want to start ****. But then again, I'm high, so I'm automatically making myself paranoid thinking everyone notices.
  4. I don't think I could go on a fasting diet. The vape pen makes sure of that. It's hard enough to fight off the munchies.
  5. I don't know man. Maybe I do but don't notice it because of a large peepee hole
  6. I was gifted this redneck camo Georgia cornhole. I leave it out in the rain so it will hurry up and rot.
  7. It's usually a rice based dish (fills you up quicker) or baked chicken with a bottle of Texas Pete in the other hand. I drink a gallon of sweet tea a day. My fridge in my shop is packed w/ Hot Pockets though. But I've been heating them up for Kevin.
  8. Drink YooHoo's. AND NOT FROM A ******** CAN YOU WEIRDO.
  9. I was hyped for the PS5 but I just saw Linus showing off that 8K screen with the RTX 3090....
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