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  1. He had 500 rds. and only one extra clip? We got a smart one here. Can't tell you how many times I've been in a firefight and we stopped firing so the basturd could reload his mag. I guess the fake Xerox credentials he made at Staples looked like a 1st grade art project also.
  2. I think this pic is awesome af. I'd probably replace those salads with apple pies if it were me.
  3. white walkers steal babies aka pizzagate
  4. There's a lot more wrong than misjudging it being as documentary. Tyrion was small in height, not hammer length. And he didn't "hire" a champion either.
  5. Been trying to roll a blunt for 20 min but I keep stopping to type on here......
  6. FTR, I'm no longer taking flavored water suggestions from @Mr. Hoopah!.
  7. I've got less than 3hrs on my PS5. You can definitely wait. I'm considering trading mine for another arcade machine. And I'd rather have an all black model that's coming in the future.
  8. I'm wondering if I bought one, how much would I really use it? It would basically be my kitchen toy since my wife doesn't cook.
  9. as a public service announcement, I want to add that if you guys get heartburn from spicy foods, these chews are by far the best. I've tried them all and this works in like 20 sec. and they taste great too.
  10. Ok I got the definition. Now how do you pronounce it?
  11. I guess. It was the pizza place with the big yellow mushroom on the sign that you guys turned me on to.
  12. you start with dry beans and soaking them?
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