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  1. I've already had to stop myself twice this morning from going to to smoke. I'm fighting the urge as we speak but I know I gotta quit.
  2. I knew a shady tree electrician that got one of his *** cheeks blown off while being electrocuted.
  3. America in general has a lot of minimum wage jobs, there's nothing special about rural Georgia. I can look right now and find LOTS of trade unions all over south Georgia. All you got to do is make a call and see which fields of apprenticeship you might find interest in. The deal is, you can find a job. You just have to let go of the ego of what you're willing to do.
  4. More you can imagine. But you wouldn't know because you haven't actively sought out a trade job. You're just assuming rural Georgia has no running water, electricity, carpenters, etc? The rural Georgia angle is pointless anyways because trade jobs require travel. So it doesn't matter where you live, you're gonna be on the road, trust me.
  5. At least it's a paycheck that will put food in your children's stomach vs. crying on twitter waiting for a moneybag to fall out of the sky.
  6. I'm surprised she hasn't pushed him down a flight of stairs yet.
  7. The only other white people in my yearbook were teachers. I grew up in Lithonia.
  8. About 20 years ago my dog woke me up barking at the ceiling corner of the room. It's a ghost.
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