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  1. OH...really, I thought you would take that as a complement .
  2. When have you ever been quiet ? Except when you went on "vacation"
  3. Dave Ramsey/Ron Paul/Donald Trump Disciple !
  4. Another day for WFW to deny fraud and corruption in the White House. It Doesn't matter as long as its a Republican.Most witch-hunts end with torches and pitch forks.
  5. Trump is pretty much toxic waste
  6. Because you know Russia is a ruse .
  7. Anyone see this coming ?
  8. never existed
  9. Probably just wants sympathy
  10. I thought so
  11. Did Breitbart tell you to say that ?
  12. That's the smell of Trump's rotten heart .
  13. And republicans are supposed to be independent thinkers , who knew ?
  14. At least Dirtyhairy showed up to defend his Home-boy Trump, however misguided his opinions are . The others are still waiting on Breitbart.
  15. predictable
  16. Given Trump's track record ,his whole empire is based on deception and fraud.
  17. Mmmmm maybe Mueller should investigate you
  18. Well look who just crawled out from under a rock
  19. Let him get to 100% no need to rush.
  20. Looking forward to Mueller exposing Trump's shady business deals , bombshells incoming .
  21. mighty quiet today
  22. Ralphie was maybe the worst person on the Sopranos . Really a sick f u c k
  23. Trump is one of the smartest people.
  24. There was a loud sound. He felt threatened .
  25. I voted for McCain and now I feel bad for making fun of his off the wall statements at the Comey Q and A.