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  1. If you look close you can see her left calf spasm when it happens , interesting and painful as F
  2. Forgive and forget is the American way, but always watch your back and never trust your tight man
  3. I realize Young needs to work on team play and timing in game situations but he might be better served by weight training and building muscle mass at this point in his career ,
  4. This looks a lot like a YMCA pick up game,
  5. Really poor on the defensive end,again no shock.
  6. Once again the Hawks looking bad , Not a shocker.
  7. Dude nobody said summer league games are a predictor of the future but get real .You cherry pick comparisons and act like its scientific fact. I've watched the NBA for many years .And let me play the old man card .... the NBA has changed over the years but size,strength and athletic ability still matter a lot.
  8. JJJ at 3, Huerter is fine at 19 , Brunson at 30 , and yeah of course nobody knows exactly how these guys will turn out 1 or 2 years from now but to say Young will be another Curry is wishful thinking. We have to be patient but losing is not fun to watch,
  9. I don't want to wait 3 years for a decent team do you ? We are stuck with him now so I wish him well but it bothers me that we could have done so much better with picks 3,19 and 30. Water under the bridge , whats done is done nothing I can do to change it so looking forward to another bad season.
  10. 4-12 field goals 11 assists 21 points , not bad stats if you WIN, empty stats if you lose
  11. HAWKS lose again !!! Young was better , Hawks still lost , Young is learning , he has to muscle up , he is real weak on defense , He is still a bad pick.
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