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  1. Excellent question,you would have to do a film study to get a definitive answer. Having watched all the games over Vic's career as a Falcon ,it's crazy to have him doing anything other that rushing the QB.He might be a one trick pony, but he's a dam good one trick pony.
  2. Call it whatever you like numbers don't lie. Almost 34 points per game last year, 22 points per game this year. Fix it Quinn.
  3. Hard to go wrong with Payne or Vita
  4. He is way more valuable as a pass rusher specialist , liner backer was a failed experiment.
  5. Never ever,no freaking way
  6. The Saints can suck it,
  7. Breaking...........we need to fire Sark....asap
  8. The offense has underachieved all year. This was a fitting way to see it end. Even the one touchdown was a busted improv by Ryan.Sad waste of talent.
  9. food for thought
  10. very stable , the most stability the world has ever seen.
  11. As a falcon fan it is your duty to always hope for a falcon win. As someone once said, You play to win the game.
  12. Home made chicken pot pie, Stella,Dos Equis, Jack Daniels,Grappa,Sambuca
  13. I don't know about a blow out. That's not what we do this year.I could see us winning a close came with a last gasp field goal.
  14. The Gorilla Channel and the Pee tape ,why can't they be real ?
  15. Some people are ugly inside and outside, hey, God made her that way, who am I to judge .
  16. Tabloid book for a tabloid president,
  17. That elf needs to stay on the shelf.
  18. People who love Trump and the identity politics he stands for are happy with him.The damage to our country that he does they will blame on liberals . I detest Trump and would love to see him removed.
  19. Once again locker room talk
  20. Spoken like a treasonous nimrod
  21. Pictures please