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  1. If you look close you can see her left calf spasm when it happens , interesting and painful as F
  2. Forgive and forget is the American way, but always watch your back and never trust your tight man
  3. It will be fun to watch the clash of egos between LeBron and the Ball family.
  4. This ^^^ The Lakers still have to get by the Warriors and the Rockets I don't see it happening. Lakers have too many lazy players .
  5. JR reminds me of a special needs kid I coached many years ago , middle school basketball . He was athletic had size and skills but like a 10 second attention span.
  6. How would you like to coach JR ? I feel bad for laughing at him sometimes , I think he's like a special needs person who happens to be good at basketball, sometimes.
  7. Moonshine and Maui Wowie is what it was.
  8. When your ego and self esteem is so twisted that you have to brag constantly and tell elaborate hog wash stories so you can feel good about your mundane existence . Just a guess .
  9. I just saw Blade Runner 2049 and its pretty awesome. This is one movie that needs to be seen on the big screen . If you liked the first Blade Runner you'll like this one.
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