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  1. If you look close you can see her left calf spasm when it happens , interesting and painful as F
  2. Forgive and forget is the American way, but always watch your back and never trust your tight man
  3. It will be fun to watch the clash of egos between LeBron and the Ball family.
  4. This ^^^ The Lakers still have to get by the Warriors and the Rockets I don't see it happening. Lakers have too many lazy players .
  5. Anyone who is a Hawks fan only wants the best for our team,obviously. So hopefully all these draft picks work out and become productive players. But right now in my opinion this looks like trash.
  6. Grayson Allen cheap shot artist
  7. Our next pick will be a Draymond Greene wannabe.
  8. We are trying to be Golden State East
  9. A young Kyle Korver
  10. Is Lloyd Free our new coach ?