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  1. Exactly
  2. I can see a possibility of misunderstanding Trump's intentions when his choice of words was possibly awkward , this was explained by Kelly fairly well. Wilson may or may not have misunderstood Trump . All Trump had to do was clarify his statement,but no, he went on the attack and even used Kelly to attack Wilson.Trump is beyond despicable .
  3. Kelly brought up his own son's death as an example of his empathy with the bereaved family and then pivoted to attack the congress woman from Florida for something that never happened. Not cool.
  4. My opinion of John Kelly has plummeted .
  5. Just like a spoiled child. He has to get the last word in.
  7. When your ego and self esteem is so twisted that you have to brag constantly and tell elaborate hog wash stories so you can feel good about your mundane existence . Just a guess .
  8. infantile gibberish ^^^^^ as usual ^^^Trump has tapped into people like you and is filling your empty head with visions of Walls and big beautiful tax cuts for the rich , you gullible nimrod .
  9. hmfic often has trouble with the English language , growing up in East Germany must have been tough. ^^^^^
  10. Kelly is now a partisan hack
  11. These are true facts that anyone with a brain can verify . I guess that's why hmfic can't handle it, he depends on Trump to tell him what to believe.
  12. WFW once again blathering away like a demented dotard .
  13. Are you sad because I mocked your leader ?
  14. This is what you always do when you are defeated by logic . Make infantile insults .