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  1. HMFIC never lets truth get in the way when he's on an idiotic rant.
  2. HMFIC's hero
  3. Waffle house parking lot ignoramus .If you got the nerve.
  4. St.Patrick's day was awesome in Savannah. Mike Pence showed up and my daughter baked him a rainbow cake. A lot of people got wasted . We decided not to waste the cake on Pence (@ss hole)
  5. Ha Ha you dumb red neck , keep posting your ignorant nonsense .
  6. joey butta fusco
  7. Roy knows a lot about girl's basketball.
  8. Locker room high jinks, lets not blow it out of proportion.
  9. not worth it .wasted money . ha ha beeches
  10. Trump will sell them a few of our surplus H bombs and throw it some free nerve gas as a bonus.
  11. extra large maggots
  12. White grubs
  13. Well Marla I'll take your word for it but that dog has got some coyote in him.Watch your back.
  14. Is that a dog ?It looks like a fox .