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  1. If you look close you can see her left calf spasm when it happens , interesting and painful as F
  2. Sounds like a great idea. I hope he does it.
  3. Gazoo lives in a world without sleeves .
  4. The persuasive power of evidence is overrated when it comes to Trump supporters . He is a cult figure at this point. Trump says "Drink the Kool aid " and they follow with blind faith.
  5. Forgive and forget is the American way, but always watch your back and never trust your tight man
  6. win win lets move on
  7. Hail naw
  8. nice little shack
  9. I'll be voting for Abrams and that's all I can control .Kemp a self proclaimed "politically incorrect conservative " will probably win but Fukit he won't get my vote.
  10. Big trucks and big guns ......Oh Boy !
  11. Law and order is a wonderful thing
  12. Perhaps there is a enema tape ?