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  1. Never ever,no freaking way
  2. The Saints can suck it,
  3. Breaking...........we need to fire Sark....asap
  4. The offense has underachieved all year. This was a fitting way to see it end. Even the one touchdown was a busted improv by Ryan.Sad waste of talent.
  5. food for thought
  6. very stable , the most stability the world has ever seen.
  7. As a falcon fan it is your duty to always hope for a falcon win. As someone once said, You play to win the game.
  8. Home made chicken pot pie, Stella,Dos Equis, Jack Daniels,Grappa,Sambuca
  9. I don't know about a blow out. That's not what we do this year.I could see us winning a close came with a last gasp field goal.
  10. The Gorilla Channel and the Pee tape ,why can't they be real ?
  11. Some people are ugly inside and outside, hey, God made her that way, who am I to judge .