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  1. I voted for Hillary and I would do it again . Trump is a real danger to the country. He is politically incompetent and yet he was elected POTUS. He is morally unfit and unable to create anything besides chaos . He is a despicable creature.
  2. And as always the bottom line is money, Kap will cause controversy and people want mindless entertainment not political discussion.
  3. Probably cut his toes off
  4. Impeachment would be awesome
  5. so much petty bickering Thanks Trump
  6. yes he had tourrets
  7. Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf in 1996 refused to stand for the anthem and it cost him millions and resulted in someone burning down his house, but he said he would do it again .
  8. True enough . Football is probably the most conservative of all the major sports and the owners want it to stay that way.To express a political opinion that is not in keeping with the "love it or leave it " mentality is a slap in the face to the NFL.
  9. BIG PICTURE ; Trump is not man enough or smart enough to do the job. Hopefully Mueller will dig up enough evidence to get rid of the big orange gorilla .
  10. Trump is the king of all the swamp creatures and yet some believe he will stop the corruption . This is a con-man , nothing more,
  11. If by shakeup you mean legislative gridlock , moral abdication and disinterest in actually being the POTUS . Trump is a thin skinned egotist that has a big mouth and picks fights to stroke his ego.He cannot do it alone and who wants to work with him ? Besides the KKK and the Nazis .
  12. yes that would explain the denial of reality
  13. Life is so hard for white people.
  14. Trump is making it even worse , how can you not see that ?