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  1. Kinda sweet but yet pungent and very salty
  2. Because Alabama rednecks don't care.
  3. They are terrible people .
  4. No they just are not attracted to Big mouth bimbos
  5. Maybe ,just maybe they are stupid A$$ holes ?
  6. Pulling names out of a hat might be better.
  7. Indeed it is , they want to tell everybody how to live and they can't manage to stay out of trouble.
  8. you sound phony dude
  9. enjoy yourself it's later than you think
  10. Reminds me of when my daughters best friend got married at the Grand Hyatt in Buckhead. The friend is half Nigerian half Ukraine , and a beautiful girl also an M.D. Her Groom was another M.D. from Panama . Very wild reception danced all night. Carnaval type atmosphere .