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  1. He had already handed him his license, then he reached for the gun after being ordered not too. I'm not sure what you expect anyone to do in that case. You tell the cop you are armed He tells you to leave it alone You hand him your licence then reach for your gun after being told to leave it alone. My biggest problem is not that he responded, because that appears to be a justified use of force. When a person disobeys a direct command and reaches for a gun while being ordered not too multiple times that person must be considered a threat. My problem is why so many shots. The way he fired into the car and the way he kept firing looks like he panicked.
  2. Just saw where an old man in my hometown was beaten to death after a break-in. I'm totally ok with the death penalty for those who break into other people's homes. My aunt used to live in the same area and someone broke into her home too, thankfully she wasn't home. Anyone willing to break into someone else's home is willing to die or kill for your stuff
  3. The same way I've seen Dems on my page that think Hillary will become president if Trump is impeached lol. Our government classes failed.
  4. Unacceptable.
  5. The government won't ever end poverty, but government can and should help hurting people. The government isnt forcing you to pay higher taxes, you are the government and the elected officials we you in to speak for us made a decision. You can just as easily replace them. I don't believe the government should pay for a person's livelihood who can work. But I believe the government can and should help those who have fallen on hard times because everyone needs a hand sometimes, but not everyone has a hand to help them.
  6. As a Christian Conservative not a republican and not a democrat, I think you are missing a reality that Jesus said. Joh 12:8 For the poor always ye have with you; but me ye have not always People are not always poor because they are lazy, uneducated, or want to be poor. A government has a responsibility to it's people and to it's poor. A nations spiritual state can be determined by how it treats it poor. Keeping people on welfare is not the same as providing a helping hand to people who fall on hard times and find themselves struggling. Anyone who says that someone who makes 6 figures brings home as much as a majority of hourly workers, even those within their in jobs is lying to themselves and others. As a person who grew up in a household that made less than 50k with friends who's parents made 100k a year I can promise you a person making 100k makes a considerable amount more than those who don't. The government needs to find ways to move people from welfare to work. That is what would help this country. A broad pull out of welfare from it's recipients is unconscionable. Throwing out the baby with the bath water is dangerous . Choosing to not the help the poor because some misuse the system is like choosing not sell Tylenol cause Bob might take 100 and od.
  7. The thing that I hate about the GOP is that you can always count on them to mess up victories. Many of them are for the wealthiest only and hate the poor. They won in a landslide and to show their appreciation they have so far Produced a healthcare bill worse than obamacare (who knew that was possible) Who in their right mind would cut chip??? Said there's no evidence that hungry kids struggle in school Said to cut food stamps to pay for a walk they claimed America would not pay for This is why I chose not to vote for them.
  8. Way to be a partisan hack.
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/thinkprogress.org/amp/p/b8b757745098 Cut food stamps to pay for the wall lol what a tool. Mexico will pay for it? Or the poorest Americans will? You can't just cut food stamps without a measure to help those on them get off. Without introducing a guaranteed work program for those on them this would lead to higher crime rates.
  10. Lol you are silly bro
  11. I would love to see Pence's Supreme court nominees.
  12. Lol and what does that have to do with the price of onions in Denmark?
  13. Lol naw it was what got Obama elected. A country fed up with W voted to the left to get different results. A country fed up with the O voted to the right. 8 years usually gets the opposite party elected.
  14. Warren hahaha. The woman who pretended to be Native American? No no Warren wouldn't win 5 States. Her history exposed would destroy her so fast. It be like the Titanic in fast forward. The only other name in that list I've heard of is schiff