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  1. Isis is funded by the West as well. Kind of makes you wonder why everyone has such an interest in such a destabilizing force
  2. http://www.wtva.com/story/35727146/court-mississippi-can-enforce-lgbt-religious-objections-law These kinds of laws a difficult to morally enact fairly. In the case of a Baker being directly involved in the marriage by being forced to make a wedding cake for a homosexual marriage or a couple that's on their 5th marriage I can understand and agree that they should be allowed to not violate their religious convictions if that is where their convictions lie. As a preacher I would not perform a homosexual marriage, nor would I perform a marriage of a couple whom I feel is unable to be married for reasons such as infidelity to their spouse and attempt to remarry. Nor would we allow the building to be used for those kinds of weddings. Someone being able to sue us in an attempt to force us to do so is unconstitutional. There are situations where I can see this being a protective of religious freedom but I can also see it being abused to I don't like you and your kind so you can't eat here.
  3. Thank you!
  4. No I'm saying that Im trying to figure out how you differentiate the right from the alt tight
  5. None of it is very consistent in defining alt right. Shapiro doesn't seem to be a racist bigot intent on destroying non white people. So the application of alt white supremacy definition doesn't apply to a guy many call alt right. I'm not sure how you or the left make a distinction between right and alt right.
  6. Fast and Furious, you can keep your doctor, you can keep your health plan. You don't want to get into argument over lies.
  7. Oh I'm not defending them, just didn't know if it was just more leftist crying racism wolf or if it was actually a racist movement. It just seemed strange to me that the group would welcome Milos and Shapiros if they were everything people called them.
  8. I'm curious about this alt right stuff. How are they racist old conservative white men when Milo Yionopolos, a very open homosexual who sleeps predominantly with black men and Ben Shapiro who is Jewish, are some of the more vocal and famous leaders of their supposed racist movement. Don't get me wrong there are most definitely deplorable racist Neanderthals in the movement but that could be said of both Democrats and Republicans. So why label all of the alt righters as the fringe elements. To be fair though I've never met a self proclaimed Alt righter
  9. I oppose a universal tax because I refuse to buy what the government is selling.
  10. Not liking the unmitigated authority to raise prices as high as they want in high risk or the elderly as I'm not the sure the high risk pools and tax credits will offset the raising the cost. I'm glad the tax penalty is gone I'm estatic that it stops funding abortion or PP Are there cuts to Medicare? If so why and what kind. I see no reason to do that they are already struggling enough. Does the bill effect chip? Does the bill protect prenatal care for low income people? There are some questions id like answered clearly before I like or dislike this change.
  11. This is a tough one. The principle sounds good in most cases and I totally understand their focus on the scope and pitfalls it could create, but the case involved is pretty crazy. I don't know how one can say she didn't illegally affect the naturalization process through perjury when she fabricated an entire story that led to her and her family becoming citizens by creating a false narrative of her family including a fabricated story to hide the fact that her husband was involved in a Bosnian massacre. Her whole reasoning why they were leaving to begin with was persecution from both sides cause he refused to join the military.
  12. I never said we were going to have one, I said the left media wanted us to have one. There's a difference
  13. Huh?
  14. I'll just sit here and wait for very successful socialist societies that are succeeding under major socialist policies that you want to model our country after. Venezuela? They are now eating pigeons, cats, and dogs Greece? Full bank collapse China? censorship and minimal wages with low standard of living. France under Hollande? Failed terribly Brazil under Rousseff? Gdp shrank over 3% and joblessness soared Argentina under Kirchner? Economy ran into the ground Cuba? They literally fight,swim, and raft through the ocean to leave Socialism fails. It doesn't help a country it crushes it. It is a thief government. It steals from one group to give to someone else. It makes everyone poor.