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  1. QUESTION: For those fortunate enough to have attended the game on opening night, where in the stadium are the team's division and conference championship banners and ring of honor banners displayed within the new Mercedes Benz Stadium?
  2. I agree that Finneran was a solid on-field contributor during his time with the Falcons. I wonder, however, if the same folks who are stepping up to defend Finneran's resume would provide the same defense to another former receiver with eerily similar production and contributions -- i.e., Michael Jenkins. A comparison of the two players' careers (taken from ESPN's stats) reveals the following: Finneran (10 years): Games Played (129); Receptions (238); Yards (3093); Avg (13.0); TDs (19); First Downs (163) Jenkins (7 years): Games Played (130); Receptions (354); Yards (4427); Avg (12.5); TDs (2
  3. And Brian Finneran was dubbed "Skillet Hands" early in his career and he became a clutch receiver later on.
  4. Legion of the 3rd Quarter Swoon . . . wait, that's been the entire team.
  5. The 1999 team started out 2-9 before beating the Saints for the second time that year to go to 3-9.
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