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  1. Maybe if he takes his hands out the pot we can do something. I remember that shot of him telling DK in London not to go for the 7. You always press down on the snakes head until it is dead, or it will bite you. The adjustments the coordinators have made in the second half especially the last couple of games have been brilliant. I think that is because Smith is taking his hands out of the pot. Nolan did put on a show in NOLA with the exception.of that 3rd and 15 3 pass rusher play.
  2. /Purple? Verbal irony? That is a POS comment. Why would you not wish anyone a speedy recovery? And he always gives his footballs to children in the stands.....i dont get it
  3. Are we heating up? Its been happening since GB. We'll see against a mobile QB but I think we are heating up
  4. Tru gets a pick to shut down Brees final drive. 31-27 Falcons
  5. You've never seen a guy get hurt, get well and not play? Really....Uhhhh.... Jon Asamoah (KC) Alex Smith (49Ers)
  6. This is year two. Unless you are saying he shouldn't be judged bc of injury. I will give a pass to all draftees until their first contract is up. Then you will know what kinda player they will be in the league. Either getting paid big bucks like Kuechly will or be forced to take a prove it contract. Even then thats not accurate look at how bad Roddy was his first couple of years with the drops.
  7. Well tbh, we laughed last offseason and somehow the Saints were able to use monopoly money and IOUs to bring in FAs they wanted.
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