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    I don't post much, but I do read the message boards every other day. I'm a World traveler, probably due to my job hazard, but I will always try to be back for the home games. If I have the opportunity, I will try to catch some away games. I like to see the reactions around me when I arrive with my Falcon jersey in away games - priceless. Good stuff here in the TATF, well... some of it.

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  1. He was fun to watch....
  2. Don't know how to embed. https://twitter.com/TGdadon1/status/969233568579846144
  3. This is insane!!! We'll see how he's gonna perform for the whole season. Now I wonder how much will Nick Foles get...............
  4. This is my problem with Patriots' succession plan; it's saying **** you Rooney Rule... The Raiders did it and got away with it. Rooney Rule is a sham anyway, teams do it just for the sake of compliance.
  5. If the league can’t get the Patriots, they can definitely get McDaniel for not honoring the agreement; it’s his signature on the dotted lines.
  6. I thought it was Celebrity Touch Football, so I didn't watch it...
  7. hahah... I guess the Aints are the outlier
  8. The mystery of the empty seats solved!
  9. I haven't tried the hot dog, but if I eat, I'll get the Smoked Wings at Fox Bros (not a spokesperson). Even the $2.00 soda is worth it. I mean, you have choices. If you want to eat good, then pony up. You get what you pay for, right?
  10. One think I would want to see him do is block. He has speed, he can catch and tackle, will he be a good blocker?
  11. Someone on this thread said something that he was signed, but something to do with the foreign exchange program, he can't play last year.
  12. So now he's eligible and will go through OTAs to get into the final 53?
  13. I thought so too, but I saw his tweet this morning. https://twitter.com/AlexShaggyGray/status/953747957597261830
  14. Falcons just signed Alex Gray to a future contract. Maybe he can be that TE. @falconidae made this highlight for him.