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    I don't post much, but I do read the message boards every other day. I'm a World traveler, probably due to my job hazard, but I will always try to be back for the home games. If I have the opportunity, I will try to catch some away games. I like to see the reactions around me when I arrive with my Falcon jersey in away games - priceless. Good stuff here in the TATF, well... some of it.

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  1. I'm not crying, you're crying!!!!!!!!
  2. Idk, if 23 is old, that makes me feel like the Ancient one..... j/k
  3. I'll be ****... first instinct is always the best!!! The stadium will be rocking and there'll be so many events going on that week. I don't know what you like doing other than football. September 22 is Free Museum Day in Georgia, free admission to 38 museums in Georgia; a couple of music festivals, wine festivals, car and bike show. Take your pick. Here's the link to the events on that weekend. Have fun man!!! .https://www.events12.com/atlanta/september/
  4. That's awesome!! There'll be 2 Saturdays United home games that will coincide with NFL regular season. 9/22 - Real Salt Lake, 10/6 - New England Revolution. You'll have a ball!!
  5. Don't know how to embed. https://twitter.com/TGdadon1/status/969233568579846144
  6. This is insane!!! We'll see how he's gonna perform for the whole season. Now I wonder how much will Nick Foles get...............
  7. This is my problem with Patriots' succession plan; it's saying **** you Rooney Rule... The Raiders did it and got away with it. Rooney Rule is a sham anyway, teams do it just for the sake of compliance.
  8. If the league can’t get the Patriots, they can definitely get McDaniel for not honoring the agreement; it’s his signature on the dotted lines.
  9. I thought it was Celebrity Touch Football, so I didn't watch it...
  10. I haven't tried the hot dog, but if I eat, I'll get the Smoked Wings at Fox Bros (not a spokesperson). Even the $2.00 soda is worth it. I mean, you have choices. If you want to eat good, then pony up. You get what you pay for, right?
  11. One think I would want to see him do is block. He has speed, he can catch and tackle, will he be a good blocker?
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