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    I don't post much, but I do read the message boards every other day. I'm a World traveler, probably due to my job hazard, but I will always try to be back for the home games. If I have the opportunity, I will try to catch some away games. I like to see the reactions around me when I arrive with my Falcon jersey in away games - priceless. Good stuff here in the TATF, well... some of it.

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  1. Before you leave home, always take a pix of your ticket CR code with your phone for backup just in case your mobile app acts up at the gate
  2. What??? There goes my social life!!!!
  3. I told you, I'm very likable
  4. D Taint-face Brees.... that's how he became Mr. 5,000....
  5. I was on the electronic ticket pilot project last season and after the season, they send me the season ticket booklet. I think it's a way to go these days. Sooner or later, they'll do facial recognition for admission, anything is possible.
  6. You can still sell or transfer it online.
  7. Yes, you do care...you're on this board, aren't you?
  8. God, thank you for the surgeons, doctors and nurses that have cared for your wife. Bless the work of their hands and lead them as they give out to those in need. God, you have been beside your wife each step of the way. You watched over her through the treatments, your angels stood guard when she needed protection. I ask that the oil of your healing would flow through her anew. That it would heal and protect and breathe life into her body. Please give her rest and peace each moment of the day. May she dwell in your love and truth. My trust is in you for her complete restoration.God, thank you for your love.
  9. Section 105
  10. Hey, better send me an invite if you do
  11. I wanna go too!!!!
  12. So if I'm Sth for both Falcons and United ( 2 tix each), will I get 4 tix for the open house?
  13. Amen! Its like talking about your exes. Move the eff on!!!
  14. It's not Cam's style to distribute the ball.
  15. Lol @Duke.... did he keep on saying "rise up"???