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  1. Man WTF the ATL curse, Horford going down just as the new team starting to jell, Milsap proving everyone wrong about his fitting in, and Korver going on these rampages, we could have been the shocker of the NBA, but without AL not gonna happen for us , man just fk me to tears I can not get over this, about the same as losing Julio ..........
  2. It usually happens with big physical corners at mid life crisis point that have lost a step.
  3. Exactly. 2012 I could not imagine without him. Had we not brought him on in 12 would not have worked out like it did. But now Buddy time to go fishing.
  4. He takes stuntman falls all the time trying to draw a flag. Fker should have been an actor. Academy award type chit.
  5. I don't know man , we needed the in your face tuff guy chit Asante brought with him ........I think he might actually have what it takes to be a coach somewhere....
  6. To come in here and call a lunch pail guy like Joe Hawley a " POS " is simply mind boggling. You can call Ray Ray or JA98 a POS but do not call a 4th round unheraled 4th round draft pick who worked his way up thru hard work and tenacity although he was not the most gifted a POS. As a matter of fact, you sound like a dooshbag POS.
  7. That is what I'm thinking there is like a 50-50 chance he is there at #6 ....
  8. Yep. As you can see, Smitty has the stones to beatch slap John Abraham !
  9. Offer Howard Mudd 2 mill a year and asst HC offense to come out of retirement. Mudd was named the offensive line coach for the Philadelphia Eagles after being talked out of retirement on February 2, 2011. In Mudd's first season with the Eagles, they allowed 17 fewer sacks than they had the previous season, and helped LeSean McCoy lead the NFL in total touchdowns.
  10. I think we got to find 5 people with impact thru combo of draft FA, we need 2 starting caliber DTs hopefully one will be Linval Joseph, a DE, a RT and a RG. Plus we could use another LBer, gonna be a tough trick for TD to pull.
  11. I wonder how much money it would take to talk Howard Mudd out of retirement ?
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