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  1. They tried to be The Atlanta Saints. We should have did like the Panthers but TD can't draft for ****. He never drafts potential guys.
  2. Fanboys I tell ya. They want us to have five Pro Bowlers at WR. HD is a good slot WR. Nothing special but he is as good your above average guy like Ted Ginn Jr. this year.
  3. When Ryan gets those empty yards for most of his career, we hear ******** about his stats next to Peyton.
  4. With Brees, Brady, Manning, Rodgers, Cam, Big Ben, Dalton, Young Russ Gawd, Luck, Eli, you go for it. With Ryan, Christian Ponder, Brandon Weeden. You kick a 55 yard FG.
  5. Peyton and Brady has been getting lit up this year. Here ya'll go again confusing their ability to move in the pocket with crap OL to Ryan's lack there of ability. Drew Bledsoe 2.0.
  6. We couldn't beat San Francisco so that's just your opinion and nothing more.
  7. Get the #1 pick, Trade Ryan, build up the OL and DL, draft Bridgewater. Contenders for the next 10-15 years.
  8. Honestly, this team was going into their prime the minute Ryan joined the team. It was because we had no QB that we sucked in 2007. This team peaked last year and now we are going into San Diego Chargers land but with a worse QB.
  9. Brees OL is crap pass blocking this year. I think we love to make excuses about Ryan but point out flaws of all other QB's. Ryan homers have really ruined Falcons football. It's a constant blame game for anyone who isn't Ryan.
  10. You lied during this whole thread, threw insults, and you act like a *****. It's whatever kiddo, just raise your hands next time you want to speak to big daddy.
  11. Look at schwarzenegger321, he is making **** up when it comes to Andrew Luck. If he watches the Colts, he would realize they have no running game or OL but does he give a ****? No, he lies and says crap like Ryan gets the ball out quicker which is BS.
  12. You didn't I am still mad about that thread a couple of days ago.
  13. Andrew Luck is much better than Ryan as well. I would love for Luck to be my QB for now and the future. He has that edge and the mindset to win a Super Bowl. He made plays, puts the team on his back, and doesn't play like a ***** like Ryan does.
  14. I been saying Cam is better than Ryan since his rookie year. You claim it was about wins and leadership not the fact that Ryan had a much better team and supporting cast. Now that Cam has a much better team and Ryan still has a better supporting cast, all you can do is lie and make up ****. That's why I will NEVER respect a Ryan homer. ******.
  15. It's a team sport is true, when I said that about Cam last year, you guys still talked **** and said because Ryan is winning, that makes him a better leader when he clearly had the better team. So now that he doesn't, you are just making up excuses for Ryan and lying on Cam. You guys deal with emotions like ******.
  16. I still don't get why they would take Ryan over Cam. I asked them why and they started lying and **** and overrating Ryan again. That's the problem, they are delusional. They see Ryan as this Peyton Manning figure and even when it's clear he is not, they find excuses and blame everyone else. We put 100 mil plus into Ryan, you better able to carry the team and the waterboy for that amount.
  17. Homers are a joke. They would lie of their mother and children to defend that man.
  18. Isn't it ironic that all you do is lie and make up excuses but if Ryan was performacing, you would give him all the credit. **** outta here:
  19. With Matt Ryan we are **** near the Jags, we a QB who could make plays we are a contending team, with Cam would be would 9-1 or 10-0.
  20. Matt Ryan, you guys praised him when we were winning games saying he is a leader, give him the same blame as well.
  21. Probably because he sucks right now. Edwards or Kafka might suck less. Either way, this is all contigent if DD can be healthy v. New Orleans or not.
  22. That statement is disrespectful to Peyton Manning. Ryan homers tend to be the most disrespectful fanbase in Football.
  23. I thought he was 3rd last year. I wasn't that impressed when you say hike and you have a WR open almost every play unless you are playing v. a good to great defense which didn't happen much last year. 1. Brees 2. Cam Gap 3. Ryan Gap 4. Glennon I am not sold on Glennon but he has a respectable skill-set and he could become a good QB in a couple of years.
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