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  1. Thrice Tazeréd; howbeit Frenzied... Hail stalwart Derrick Shelby!
  2. Ye Gods! He on High hath Graced our Peoples ! Look alert ye Caroline catamounts ; Upon Phantasmic Prophecy hath Dan Quinn called, Against Dimitroff's Caterwauls . Rejoice, And welcome! The end of Sorrowed Seasons ! No longer smelt of casualty. Our Juggernaut arises . It's Slumber broken! Awake, Alert. Dear Pennsylvanian Matt hears Call, The fire Falcons Cry! To put Sleep deliriums of decimation. To sleep! We shall reverse the Nightmares of defeat; from Us unto Our foes! Our Commandant, Reveréd Quinn, Demands!
  3. My Dear wizened colleague, pray not underestimate Wildebeestmode Coleman. From the plains of the serengetti, one must draw forth memory of the mother nature's modus operandi: I forsooth foresee a quiet, calm and gentle breeze across the weary cheeks of each and every. But, a calm, susceptible to the most mightiest of thunderclaps, of storms heralded by the few Horsemen we hold Dear, a deluge of yards on the ground like a great monsoon seen once in one hundred years. Do not fear, Wizened one, do not Worry. In Dan Quinn's name, Steel your constitution and hold patience to both witness and surviv
  4. It is a disgusting state of affairs that the mob mentality so naturally extrudes upon a good Samaritan's efforts to dissect in sequential detail the game upon which we base our fellowship. And in so forth, This good man Attempts a meritoriously executed education for the general public and the society of fanatics far beyond the mind numbing wreckage presented on the tele tubes. When such effort is made, in the stead of preparing pitchfork and fire torch in salivating ineptitude or tar bucket and feather sack as might a pissant unable to intelligently respond, it is the duty of netiquette to di
  5. I delay judgement until Sean Renfree has had an equitable outing to DJ Yates, for Shanahan must still give Renfree a full course of in game repetitions.
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