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  1. hey... a new GM in town? Easy prey right? More likely to receive trade offers from vultures
  2. weird thing is the stats page says 6 7" and the video says 6 4" so he musta grown 3 inches recently lol fouled on the shot
  3. Ht: 6-7Wt: 190http://www.nbadraft.net/players/marcus-eriksson
  5. Ok so he's like a cheaper demarre carrol? I dont understand how he fits in the roster, but I am not a NBA pro can someone explain
  6. I'm not saying Tim Hardaway is good or bad, but I am still pissed off that Michael Gearon was able to force Danny "The Man that Resurrected Our Franchise" Ferry to resign. Dude screwing over the fans because he thinks HE knows how to run a basketball team. Do you think Arthur Blank tells the Falcons staff what to do? No he doesn't
  7. who is telling you that
  8. #whereIsDannyFerry #****ASG
  9. #tyDannyFerry
  10. hey at least we cut him before he could retire a falcon LOL
  11. I said to myself, "let me just check TATF in case some big news happened... unlikely" Ch-Ching!!!!!!!!! /worth it I don't even want to mention his name anymore!!!!! BYE SAMANTHA
  12. if I recall correctly some other teams wanted to Sign Hawley when he was a Free Agent... he isnt as bad as you say