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  1. still holding out hope for Ryan 40 TDs season lol
  2. The stat is FALSE . Research is your friend guys http://www.nfl.com/stats/categorystats?seasonType=REG&offensiveStatisticCategory=OFFENSIVE_LINE&d-447263-n=1&d-447263-o=2&d-447263-p=1&d-447263-s=PASSING_QBHIT&tabSeq=2&season=2013&akmobile=ios&role=TM&Submit=Go&archive=false&akcarrier=verizon&conference=null&defensiveStatisticCategory=null&qualified=false
  3. where was this stat from NFL . com didnt even have us close to QB hits Andrew Luck has taken more hits on less drop backs
  4. no one that is objective can argue Ryan is an top 5 QB playoff wins wins stats all pros MVPs anything there is no argument to be made that would fit Ryan as a top 5 QB
  5. Yeah it's 2 points lower then Ryan and His td to int ratio is better then Ryan
  6. your opinion has no basis . Peyton is an much better QB that defenses cord game plan around different .Manning outside his rookie season never had a season this bad . He can adapt . He is smartest QB in the game that basically runs his own system Matt Ryan has struggled badly last 4 games who Is to say Mannibf wouldn't have lead us to 4 wins since our QB play been so bad
  7. so in your eyes Matt Ryan is just as good as Peyton and would be on a same record pace for stats ?
  8. you will be laughed upon like a clown if you posted that on a football forum nation wide clown material
  9. agree and what's sad he has more playoff wins then Ryan and never lead Falcons to an horrible season like this 2-8 lol
  10. Now that we are civil and talking like adults I agree to an extent . Ryan never needed Julio Jones he needed an offensive line and ground game and a defense and Falcons could have won an Super Bowl similar to how Ravens won a Super Bowl. I have blamed two people for the mess Ryan who is an good QB with limited physical skill sets that could have won an super bowl with the right team around him a team built on ground and pound and defense. Instead our GM trade 5 draft picks for Julio to be more explosive when an QB with offensive line to protect him can make lesser weapons around him explosive while he is protected
  11. Ryan has always been like this outside last year at times. The difference between Qbs like Rodgers, Brees, Peyton, other elite QBs they look for the play down field first before they look to there check down. Some Qbs like Rodgers and Big Ben dont mind waiting and extra second and if they take a sack so be it cause they wait for the route to develop . That is Ryan biggest weakness is he is a rhythm passer that can be thrown out of rhythm quickly I have watched all of Colts games this season and Luck has taken some HUGE HITS cause he is waiting for play to develop and the offensive line Colts have is poor .. Luck has not let the hits get in his mind and start to check down. He has played his game throughout the hits
  12. Ok man Ryan has more pass attempts that is why he has more passing yards . ,Matt Ryan completion % is higher cause he rushing his reads and checking down to the rb
  13. lol @ name calling you know you lost an argument when revert to name calling
  14. why is it hard for you to understand Luck has more QB hits in less pass attempts thats telling me Indy pass protection has been way worse then ours
  15. way Ryan has played last 4 weeks like an clown the 100th QB down the line would probably be doing better then how Ryan has performed. I mean Ryan is one of highest paid players in NFL yet has played well below average for over an month now but I guess thats one positive you want to take from Ryan he is playing
  16. good break down . That is what I am seeing in the 22s as well Ryan is rushing his reads and checking down . We have Wrs open in space it's Ryan has just been flustered and hit and he is allowing that in his mind . You expect more from an 6 year veteran
  17. an spark to the offense ? The offense looked lot better with DD and Smith in then it has past 4 weeks with Ryan at the helm
  18. CHEAP shot by defender ..Least DD was standing tall in pocket and looking down field instead or checking down
  19. Yes . Is falconsfan567 a virgin ? poll results last I remember 10000363728 - yes votes 0- no votes
  20. No one is worried about Colts running game . Trent Richardson has been beyond awful and same with there run blocking defense respect Luck and TY Hilton stretching the field . Yes Colts defense is top 10 ranked defense but they are not a good defense by no means . They don't really have good talent or good scheme . They have a very good pass rusher tho and an future elite QB carrying that team .
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