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  1. I have no idea what Arthur Blank or the Falcons organization has done to the NFL but this absolutely confirmed what I suspected earlier this year in the Colts game where there were 3 consecutive third down conversions due to defensive penalties. One was holding on a running play, the other a phantom PI and the other being a very questionable late hit on the QB. Even the announcers were grumbling. There were a few more scattered, we even got some calls but yesterday, there is no doubt in my mind the league wanted a comback by super Cam.
  2. This is the by far the worst we've had in the Matt Ryan era. I wanted Rex Ryan and now more than ever I want Rex Ryan.
  3. Don't know what is going on between the two. However, I do know that in consecutive weeks it appears that Matt feels that he has to win the game to compensate for something. I will throw this theory out. Could it be the officiating? Has anyone noticed that in consecutive weeks the officials determined the outcome of 3 very crucial drives that have cost us points for and against. last week, the Colts converted 3 third downs on penalties by the defense, a roughing the passer while ignoring Grady Jarrets arm held behind his back, pass interference twice to give the colts a new set of downs each t
  4. Me too! I turned 50 this year and have been loyal since day one. That call not to go for it still has me scratching my head. There was no good reason not to go for it and I mean NO good reason.
  5. Pass rush isnt always about sacks. Moving the qb from his launch point, force early throws, errant throws and interceptions. It disrupts timing, and creates hoilding penalties. We have done very little of the above. Whats most disturbing is we are always in a pass defense 4x2x5 and that has killed our run d. I think we should straight 3x4, we have the space eater, outside backers and good cover corners. Cant be worse than what we have now.
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