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  1. The way he sat back and watch Malcolm Smith Intercept that pass, and take it back. No. I lost all respect for him as a player on that one play.
  2. You could have fooled me. I was at that game, and really don't remember us rushing worth nothing besides the run when Quizz trucked Earl Thomas.
  3. I see Bortles as a better pro QB. Keep in mind, the Texans are not a bad team. 2-14 was their record, but it could have very well been the other way around.
  4. Maybe you are trying to say that he was the MVP of this team. Face of the Franchise is Matt Ryan. Michael Turner did not get us over the hump of losing our QB. When Vick went to jail, you had Chris Redman as our starting QB. Joey Harrington came in as well. These guys may have played well, but people still wondered about Vick. Ryan came in, and the QB worries were history. That's the Face of a Franchise.
  5. The kid was a beast in high school. He's a beast in college, and will be a beast in the NFL. This is not another Jamaal Anderson.
  6. It's coaching as well. The Broncos are running primarily the same offense that we are. Then, we are less talented on defense than they are. Put Nolan and Smitty out there, with a healthy Falcons team, and we could have beat the Seahawks at their best.
  7. Harvin ain't did ****until today. Kill that hindsight crap! The only receiver that makes more than Harvin is Megatron. Harvin is overrated.
  8. I would be dumb to pick a QB with that 1st pick. It's not secret the we are high on Clowney. St. Louis is as well. The Rams have 2 picks. Houston should bluff The Rams, and get the 2nd and 13th picks. Use the 2nd pick to draft Watkins, 13th to draft you QB.
  9. He's just another donkey that thinks he knows something about weather.
  10. Yes. He was already being noticed from film. He opened more eyes ay the Senior Bowl. The Combine should be interesting. I don't see him falling past 4.
  11. Not bad. Rick Ross bought Holyfield's old Mansion. **** house has a $1 Million a year maintenance cost. There are only a hand full of people that can afford that without going broke.
  12. I like this Mock a lot, but JC won't last until the 7th. If he is there after 4, we have to make some moves to get him. I think people forget, the WCO needs a powerful back to be successful. That will also bring extra protection to Ryan.
  13. That's the house of a smart rich man. No need to go Holyfield.
  14. Business is business. I guess that's why Thomas Dimitroff has the job, and you don't.
  15. Lets get better. It's not about getting younger. That will happen naturally.
  16. Kaep isn't the QB that Ryan is. The Falcons have the Blueprint to beat every good team. We tend to always play the Saints and Drew Brees real good. We showed how good we were in the playoffs last season, with an average defense.
  17. How about a reunion with Osi, and signing that Spider Guy Brian Arachnophobia. I think that this can be big for our pass rush.
  18. Can you imagine someone named KONY going anywhere besides New York?
  19. I have two issues with these statements. Number one: Why would you waste money on something that we would hardly ever use? Just stay off of the roads, and let GDOT handle it. Number Two: Coweta County funds almost everything through S.P.L.O.S.T and private funds. Most of the state's funding goes to the City of Atlanta.
  20. Every time I hear someone tell us that we are freaking out, I hear about a big pile up on a highway up north. Maybe we are not the only ones that can't drive in this mess.
  21. You know, some places has sandstorms, and you are requires a certain type of oil change in cars.
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