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  1. The one thing Kawp had before the BS is the fact that no one knew his capability. When they learned that he can not read defenses very quickly, his running capability was what made him good. Then their coaching staff tried to make him a pocket passer and they found out he has no capability of doing that. That in itself was his downfall. After that, he tried to remain relevant by other means. At this time in football, I think he is not gonna be very good as the defense would just take away his running capability and then he is toast. This is only my football point of view...and that is all I want to give ya. Cheers.
  2. Ya..Bradford is available...for the right price.
  3. Player/Coach....What can he teach himself???Tiddley winks???
  4. This is correct. The players playing with the professionals are Amateurs and are playing to a handicap. The hardest holes are handicapped so the amateur gets a stroke befitting their handicap. Amateurs can not earn "money" but can earn gift certificates that are awarded to purchase items in the pro shop. If they turn professional, then they can earn part of the purse as well as the other pros. However, if there is a calcutta, they can get money by betting on themselves to win or others to win their respective flights..first flight, championship flight, etc.
  5. He just got interviewed by Balionis with Darius Rucker. I think Darius is doing a concert after play is over. They had Cheap Trick here in the Boise area after play on Saturday. It was a good concert as I was there for the Boise Open WEBdotCom tour.
  6. I went to our game in Detroit last year, it was interesting. Went to the Henry Ford Museum for about 4 hours day I left. It was very interesting. I went to the Jax game with us year ago December. Was ok staying in Orlando and driving up to Jax via Daytona Beach. A night in Orlando, night in Daytona, 2 nights in Jax, and a night in Orlando. And I missed my flight so went across country from San Diego to Orlando in a day. This is why you have coffee in the you dont miss your flight.
  7. Out of curiousity, I looked up prices for a seat in the game sunday, and the lowest was 2650 before the about 3k for a seat. Naw thanks.
  8. Rules...Rule one. Take responsibility for actions of the personnel under you. Rule 2. Praise in front of EVERYBODY....Chastise in private. This in private thing can be in the training field during practice where only the team is there available to accept that they did wrong or a learning environment. If you do something wrong....take responsibility for it. Oh and if you are an OC...dont throw Lockette under the bus.
  9. Sure it did.......for the wrong team.
  10. But when they bring jibberish to the table, you must bring jibberish to the table they understand. Logic goes way above their head. :P
  11. The PET understands....we are working on the Brick Wall. Pet understands that it is the master and the human is the apprentice.
  12. PAY the REFS????? A LOT????
  13. Hope you are well old friend.
  14. I am so screwed........yall will never get them two wins....