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  1. I think their backup to him is better. I would be concerned if they were playing us with him. Bridgewater will get his week this week and they will gameplan for his role in the game. I am not as concerned as I should be, but if they put the other backup in.....I am.
  2. You could go in an opponents would stand out??? Have fun at the game. Old hat colors are nice.
  3. Was his bounce pass caught or are his receivers sucking that much??? :P
  4. Hands or hand???
  5. ewwwwww...
  6. No man, I did not see it. Jamie Farr has no chance on this guy. I am really watching pneumonia....on tv. You know what I am talking bout...and it aint football.
  7. Has he done the towel on the head yet? I am watching pneumonia on tv.
  8. There were a lot of empty seats in some stadiums last weekend. Friends are going to Pittyburgh this weekend for our game there. not able to see this game at the moment.....not worried.
  9. For all the airshows they have to set up a mission plate to make it feasible to be MISSION oriented and still provide satisfaction for the viewing audience. These are a JOB and the Job comes was interesting seeing this from his perspective. and thanks for the barely W.
  10. Difficult decision on that one falken.....It is their determination that is necessary. and it is a seahawky is ok with me.
  11. And to you guys as well.
  12. Although this is a TAFT site. I thought you may like this post from last weekend. It is so awesome that one of ours can do this. There are videos inside the link too. I know, go back to where the tiny birdies fly...I shall soon. But until then...enjoy.
  13. It is not tho. I got BaseBall on tonight.
  14. I believe it is on Nfl network because there is baseball on Fox as Fox has the contract for thursday night football this season...cept fer the opener. Just a guess...but looks more plausible.
  15. I forgot my estrogen that with peppermint schnapps or without??? I forget.