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  1. I was thinking bout going to this game. I have a friend that moved to the area a couple years back from Florida. May go visit.
  2. Naw. Just a fan of the team. Posted your post on seahawks.net. We are kinda looking for one. LOL
  3. Thanks for this information. I appreciate it.
  4. Normally the schedule is announced the week prior or of the draft. It is within that window that I have seen the last few years. I have seen where they announce the Brit Games earlier than the full schedule tho too...just to up the anticipation...er uh drama.
  5. Interesting. Clowney was triple teamed on one play and we did not have the other linemen to attack the qb fast enough. That is a talent that needs support on the other side of the line. He can take up a lot of offensive linemen allowing other schemes to work. Second...agent will request more money for his DE just to pad his own pocket more than Clowneys. Agents are all about that cash too. Third...I cant remember where I was going with this...so I can say that I like bacon.
  6. This is exactly what happens when armchair quarterbacks think that they know more than the coaching staff. It always takes either one or 2 years in the NFL to get your bearings as to playing up to speed and get the game to slow down for a player to excel. It took Britt 3 years to get his bearings as to what they wanted him to be in my system as a Center for Seahawks. Trained left Guard, trained right guard, finished Center and a second contract. Prolly gone after this season due to both age and someone else will want him as an experienced center. Also, remember an article a couple years a
  7. I was up in the mountains near a lake with about a dozen other High School Counselors and a half dozen teachers learning about wildlife 4 days before. It would have been interesting had she decided we needed more training as a 17 year old...with about 80 or so 6th graders. Probably more 6th graders as there were 2 counselors per cabin of 8 to 10 kids.
  8. Year I graduated High School. Mt St Helens blew up and I graduated that year a bit early.
  9. I know. We are not like we have been in the past. So we need to get one more cog back and we may be able to do some damage. We dont know in this our first rebuild/retool year since the mains have dissipated.
  10. I have never been in the locker room. I am kinda scared of it. They may give me a margarita and I may never leave. Like the Hotel California. And they may be Authoritarian in there..not authoritative. English is my strong point. Hope you have fun this weekend Iron Saint.
  11. Ya, a buddy of mine got out last week...something about a Y2020K bug that was released. LOL
  12. I found it amusing. But I am just one person. Power to the one person. :P
  13. One of the things that coaches do is see what they can make of the draft picks they have purchased to fit their teams structure. That is why they still do it. Sometimes it is not just about winning the sport, but about how they have made adjustments to the changing condition with new additions and subtractions. That is where some of the fans get their enjoyment out of the game. We lost Sherman to the Niners and a few other players to injury/retirements. Now we are seeing the next generation of our team. Not sure how it ends in this chapter, but it seems a bit interesting. That interesting thi
  14. I loved this game...thanks guys. I was annoyed at the stripers at the end...but it is all good as long as the good guys win.
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