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  1. Lol I hope you are joking. There have been countless guys who were "lights out" in college but complete bums in the NFL.Success in college does not equal success in the NFL.
  2. I laughed more then I should have at the title of this thread.
  3. Honestly after this laughing stock of an Oline we had this year it is hard to see them not improve even a little bit next year. This was literally as bad as it gets in regards to terrible Oline play.Any Oline coach we brought in would have been better then what we had.. If Tice manages to "elevate" our Oline from nonexistent to below average he will be hailed as a genius by Falcons fans everywhere.
  4. We have a great franchise QB and 2elite WR. Assuming all remain healthy that is at the very minumum 8 wins. If the Oline gets even a little better that is we win 10+ games. And if we have at least have an average D we easily win 12+ games. This season was the perfect storm of injuries, inexperienced youth, and flat out terrible play on both sides of the ball.That being said, this fluke year will end up helping us greatly in the long run.It is hard not to see us having a good year next year unless another perfect storm of bullcrap hits us again which is completely unlikely.
  5. https://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2014/01/13/2013-offensive-line-rankings/ Need I say more? That so called "O-line" we fielded out there this season was an abomination.Quite possibly the worst in modern Falcons history.Now lets improve that this offseason and never speak of it again.
  6. Hehe, I don't know if that's funny or sad. Possibly even a bit scary if you consider the fact that he or she might suffer from some sort of mental illness. That is not normal tsk tsk.
  7. Nobody takes you seriously young one. You and less then a handful of other trolls really just serve all of a us a good laugh. I dont know who your team is but 95% of this board is behind our franchise QB. It is hilarious watching you flail around trying to convince us otherwise. Even if you were a Falcons fan, you are in the very miniscule vocal minority. Your only purpose is to entertain us. Carry on.
  8. This is incredible. Congratulations to Mr.Trufant. He is looking like a future star in this league and I'm proud to say he is a Falcon
  9. Way too much red,I'm not feeling it. The Falcons primary uni color should be black. I have no idea why they moved away from them.
  10. I highly doubt it. While I agree that TD will try to extend Julio there is absolutely Zero chance his agent allows this to happen. We all know how valuable Julio is and they will wait until after a strong bounce back next season to extend him.
  11. I'm not feeling too good about Tice. He did have a solid line in Minnesota but in Chicago he was complete garbage when he had no talent. He is walking into the same situation as Chicago, this line has no talent. Strong mixed feelings about this hire.
  12. Does he need to say everything word for word? Of course he didn't specifically say we lack talent because everybody and their mother already knows this. The fact that he just flat out stated that we will use the 6th pick on the O or D line speaks volumes.
  13. I kidd you not, I saw Ryan at Piedmont park. I was shocked at how he towered over me and I am 5'11. These NFL players don't look as nearly as big in TV but in reality every single one of them is much larger than the average man.....
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