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  1. --- when winless teams circle you on their calendar as their big chance.
  2. That, and the fact that even if Roddy were 100%, Sherman only has to cover him for 2-3 seconds. Any longer than that and the play is dead with a sack or a pass thrown out of bounds.
  3. 1 unearned playoff win in 6 years. The same problems continue from year to year to year. No talent development. Coaching philosophy of soft, passive, hoping to just not lose. This is not a reaction to one bad year.
  4. --- when Carson Palmer looks at you as a winnable game. Then he wins the game.
  5. Did Roddy add 100 pounds and learn how to play RG and RT simultaneously? If not, he won't make that much of a difference.
  6. This was from the owner himself, in an interview where he responds to critics.
  7. The guy from the website is the one doing all the puffery. Of course, there is no way he would lie about how his site is perceived!!! You should be ashamed for being so gullible. The mere fact that Reynolds is given such a good grade, when Stevie Wonder could see how atrocious he is, should be all the debunking necessary to shut this site down.
  8. By their own admission, these guys are wildly inaccurate. They don't grade on real football events. They use standard broadcast tv shots, so they physically can't see anything the tv doesn't happen to show. They don't know what each player was supposed to do; they just go by the result of the play. An example given is a lineman whose responsibility is to chip a DT and release to wipe out a LB at the next level. He fails to disengage, but locks the DT down with a double team. The LB makes the play for no gain, and was not blocked. The LB gets credit, the OL who failed to release gets credit for sustaining a block, and the RB is penalized for being stuffed. Accurate? No, because these rubes don't know that the OL they just gave a rosy happy-shiney-people grade to actually blew his responsibility completely. If a receiver breaks off a timing route a step early and the QB throws a INT, the QB gets dinged, not the WR: because PFF doesn't know that the receiver broke off the route early. Their methodology is seriously screwed up. Their knowledge of the games is inadequate. The results they post are laughably inaccurate. Oh, and an agent would use Saddam Hussein's crib notes if they thought they might get an extra dollar.
  9. That was either a compliment, or you just compared me to mold. I'm not going to ask, because I'm not sure I want to know the answer.
  10. If you agreed with me more often, you would be right more often.
  11. Inaccurate. Based on absolutely zero actual football analysis. Completely irrelevant. Farcical. PFF grading is stupid and pointless in every possible way something can be stupid and pointless. The entire line should be graded black, with the POSSIBLE exception of Blalock, who might soar to the heights of red if the India-subcontinent "analysts" actually understood what they are seeing.
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