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  1. The simple fact of the situation is everybody said the same thing last year! Literally said the same thing. Just let him play out the season after the Falcons had loss after loss.. The time is now, at least the shake up will make Flowery Branch entertaining instead of a depressing **** show.
  2. I've been a long time supporter of Dan Quinn but the line has been crossed. He has had ample time to work this team and 0-4 to start a new season is surely is the end of the road. This is going to sound sick but it seems as if the choking and mediocrity has seeped into the foundations of the Falcons and now they are clearly rotting. That Superbowl loss is now a situation that could never be rectified. Time to clean the slate and it starts with Quinn. I wouldn't mind if Blank removed TD either. Incredible.
  3. The front office can get him.. but will they?
  4. Boot Vic.. Keep Tak.. and bring home Von Miller
  5. I agree with OP. The defense looked really good last night, very different to what we are used to seeing. Plenty of grit and X-Factor! A combination of youth, some rookies with sheer talent, some battle tested and already played in a super bowl. The perfect storm is brewing, this season or the next.
  6. Called it! That was a dominant game by the Falcons! No hangover here LETS GO ALL THE WAY!
  7. Haha true. I'm really hoping our worst football is behind us. You will find teams in any sports that peak at the wrong time and ones that peak at the right time. Hopefully the Falcons can get the win and build momentum through the playoffs. If you ask me - I think the Rams have already peaked and Goff is a couple of sacks away from having the Rams fold like a house of cards.
  8. Full of myself? Why are you getting so upset here? I made a simple post about hoping the Falcons get the win on the west coast and you're getting all upset.. settle down gramps. https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/a+big+ask It's a big ask.. it's a massive ask. Winning an away game at the Colosseum during playoff time.. IS A MASSIVE ASK FOR ANYONE (especially the Browns)... if someone asked you you to win that game - it really is asking a lot of you, isn't it? - one could even say - it's a MASSIVE ask. If I asked to borrow some coffee of you - that would be a small ask, unless you'
  9. I take it English is not your first language? If you type "massive ask for anyone" in google with inverted commas - you will see that many people use this expression. If it makes you feel better - you can replace "ask" with "task" - just to tone it down a bit.
  10. sorry i was drunk when i posted this.. i meant 'for'
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