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  1. and don't upgrade the o line at all? great plan, glad you're not GM
  2. we need to post aaron hernandez's bail and sign him to a 1 year contract
  3. special teams is a black hole on this team that sucks players in and the coaching staff never let's them escape... antone smith has earned more offensive carries and never received them. with how mike smith plays certain guys come **** or high water.. decoud will never lose his starting job
  4. the offensive line needed to get better. for Ryan's protection and so now maybe we can actually convert a 3rd and 1 with a run instead of dropping back to pass. The defense has been substantially improved as well. Most people knew going in this would be a two year rebuild we obviously weren't going to get everything we needed to fix both lines in just one draft, although I think we came a lot closer to fixing it all than most ppl thought we would
  5. I would have been happy either way, but im more satisfied with Mathews than I am with mack especially considering we would have had to trade up even if it was only one spot. Ryan needed protection and hopefully now he's got it.
  6. pretty indefensible move. deep draft, just needed to play it safe and the team becomes more competitive, and then wastes a 3rd rounder with obvious talent on the board.. no one was gonna draft this guy.. and if they did he's expendable. some of those players we left at the top of the 3rd arent
  7. Getting any one of those guys without having to trade up should have made everyone happy. The team needs depth and for that it needs the picks. Looking forward to seeing which pass rusher we get in the second.
  8. Carolina has no receivers, bucs have an untested QB, and the saints are aging. The falcons should do well against all of them this season.
  9. But it was the worst line he's ever played behind. Your point?
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