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  1. That's exactly rite A much better vertical game that's for sure. Big Ben has a big arm. Julio isn't being utilized to his full potential with Ryan.
  2. We could use his as a bargain tool and trade his ***..he has no fire about him
  3. I say fire his *** today but I would be willing to bet he will be back next year
  4. Before I get ran off this site I Wana start by saying that I have defended ryan for years..I have literally got into heated arguments over ryan but maybe those ppl were rite. Ryan is good but has become so boring to watch..his lame duck passes and weak arm makes for a boring game at times. He seems to play with no fire at all and my god the press conference is pathetic
  5. I would love for that to happen but this team is gutless from the owner down..they are not gona fire somebody during the season..this team has no nuts at all..never seen anything like it
  6. This is as tough as it gets for us..tip our hats..all the normal bs
  7. Exactly Mr. Blank has been more concerned with a new stadium than putting a competitive team on the field. He has allowed a total idiot to run the team (TD) and he has run that team into the ground. A good GM would have made quite a difference in the last several years as far as player acquisition (both in the draft and FA) as well as the coaching staff selected. While there will be a new stadium in Atlanta in 2017, the NFL team that plays there won't be worth going to see unless Mr. Blank decides that it is time to bring in a GM that can get the job done.
  8. Has anyone ever thought that it may be blank..he is a businessman outside of football as well..he don't want his outside business partners seeing his football coach act stupid on tv..just my opinion And what's wrong with having a HC with a personality? I cannot figure out who is more boring on the sidelines between Quinn and Smith. If I was Blank I'd sue that search firm he used to find a new HC.
  9. He is not coaching because he chose to take a year off..he had job interviews in Miami Oakland and in San Francisco..he will be I'm the league next year
  10. I would be willing to bet that he is making money on that stadium...the city paid alot of it..
  11. I'm sure he does Wana win because more wins mean more money for him...is all about making him MONEY
  12. Arthur blank made several million today I'm sure he is counting money rite about now
  13. This team hasn't had anything in years..why do I continue to waste my Sundays oh this post team..
  14. TERRIBLE IDEA......Cam is playing good now but he is not smart at all..cannon for arm but thats about it
  15. sure he will..he will be falcons oc next year...just watch...i hope im wrong
  16. Yea but you have a star receiver that can run a 4.4 40 and blazes past defenders. what good is the speed if he cant get it to him
  17. yes it was. I could not believe that poor throw. Did you notice that on two passes today julio out run his passes
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