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  1. Man, F'ck Rex. He didn't want to come here. All he wanted to do was stay in his comfort zone. He didn't want to leave the AFC North.
  2. Smitty azz should have been fired last season.
  3. That was our idenity until Green Bay beat us in the Playoffs in 2011 & we went away from it. We wanted more "Explosive Plays". Now it's coming back, but we are too invested in the high powerer offense that will never win again. Running the ball down a mofo's throat is the most disrespectful thing you can do. It slowly sucks the life out of any defense. So, instead of being copycats, we should have stuck to who we were.
  4. Front 7 is full of late rounders and UDFA's. There's no way in heck we win with this group. Plus, there always out of position. I think smitty's time is up. TD as well. I'd keep Nolan and dirk one more year.
  5. 2-6. Then hopefully we will have a new coach & GM at the bye week.
  6. I'm going to wait till November. Hopefully we are not still playing like shh.
  7. Lol, where would he play? Julio is our #1 and Roddy#2...So, we would be asking AJ to play slot? umm, no need to create that distraction.
  8. Exactly...the same quotes every year. If that's the case, then maybe our starters are what they looked like last season...
  9. Dude was a rookie and we had no pass rush. That's a recipe for diaster for any CB. I think he will keep his job.
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