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  1. well....at least it was funny http://youtu.be/alA2_FyYMJc
  2. If you listen to Rush Limbaugh, Shawn Hannity, Mark Levin....STOP IT for a month. Think about it rationally for a second.....you're living your life, one of these 3 is ranting about Nancy Pelosi.....you start to mutter about her too under your breath about what a crazy liberal she is.....what good is it doing you ? ABSOLUTELY NONE....now granted because of my tshirts I can get dragged down in the muck easier than others....but you don't have to. Go 30 days with no ill will in thought word or of deed of another human being on the face of the earth.....you will be amazed at this SELFISH experiment. I say selfish because you will be much happier....and afterall, no one wants to be miserable.....and remember NO WILL ILL TOWARDS ONE SINGLE HUMAN BEING IN THOUGHT WORD OR DEED....INCLUDING OBAMA. The reason for my previous post is because you don't see the contention, discord, smarminess and snarkiness coming from happy people like you see here on AFMB. People deserve to be happy and I sure as heck don't think they are. Jesus said to love your enemies and strangely enough it would make you much happier to pray for Nancy Pelosi than to let your blood pressure be raised because of her shenanigans. I'll start off by praying for that Acworthfalcon fan or whomever for bringing all of my posts back to the top of the ABF board. REMEMBER....ITS A SELFISH EXERCISE....NO ILL WILL IN THOUGHT WORD OR DEED FOR A MONTH.
  3. Yes they can.....misguided but Christians nonetheless
  4. Well,the message board smarminess and snarkiness has an underlying ill will associated with it often times...and like I said..ill wlll is like a boomerang....it's self destructive. And like I said.....my ill will Ive directed towards others is my own unhappiness...don't worry about me SELFISHLY RID YOURSELF OF YOUR OWN ILL WILL.....FOR 30 DAYS YOU'LL BE AMAZED. My ill will is not really ill will....homosexuals for instance...I think people who tell homosexuals to just live their lives and do whatever feels good and ignore God or any contrary views of your well being......are misguided. In the end there is more good will in telling homosexuals they're on the wrong track then simply saying BATHE IN YOUR SIN
  5. Liberals are always in the market for a replacement for "liberal" too....something they can fool the people with.
  6. Ill will towards another human being is like a boomerang and wlill come back to you. But hating a political ideaology is not ill will.
  7. BUT SERIOUSLY....GIVE IT A TRY NO THOUGHT WORD OR DEED OF ILL WLL FOR A MONTH And don't worry about my shortcomings.....they only contribute to my own unhappiness SELFISHLY GO A MONTH WITH NO THOUGHT WORD OR DEED OF ILL WILL TOWARDS ANOTHER........you'll be amazed
  8. I remember as a liberal complaining that my family was Christian and supposed to love your enemies....but yet hated liberals. I actually don't think there is anything wrong with hating liberalism though.....every church is full of hypocrits because the world is full of hypocrits.
  9. Just give it a try my raging liberal friends....I wish someone would have given me same advice as a young man. GO A MONTH WITH NO THOUGH WORD OR DEED OF ILL WILL TOWARDS ANOTHER HUMAN BEING Do it a month....you'll be surprised.
  10. If you make Govt your God, misery will be your companion All I'm sayin' is that you don't have to make that statement true . Just because I made that mistake doesn't mean everyone in a new generation has to make the same mistake.
  11. Be nice already....the point is to be happy....you can't be happy and mean at the same time
  12. Tammy Bruce: Yes, it was; it was shocking. For me it was quite life-changing in my sense of how I viewed the world and I was also, when it comes to my view of Christians, quite surprised by how happy they were. I mean, I remember being on the left; no one is happy, trust me. They (are the) biggest group of miserable people you would ever want to meet. Everything is wrong, everything is going bad, everyone is after you, everyone wants to get you, people are building camps. To speak with finally, on talk radio, with Christians, I was struck first by the genuine happiness from these people and also the fact that even though they disagreed with me, finally I was having conversations with people who were curious, disagreed with me, but didn't want to hurt me, were interested in persuading me, and it was quite a revelation, I have to say. I owe my beginning in talk radio to that kind of --- it's the only place really where you can have that kind of exchange between someone like myself and conservative Christians and have it be safe and have it be really life-transforming.
  13. For me personally as a liberal.....I had a deep seated belief that I was in the minority.....of course Reagan was President.
  14. Believe me when I say this....I have been both, also believe me when I tell you I was a MISERABLE LIBERAL. You may think you hate God or capitalism, traditions, and old people....believe me, I was worse. Unfortunately, having been a liberal, I know liberals will see this as patronizing and condescending, but you shouldn't. I remember being lectured continually by my Dad telling me the way I was was self destructive, hating capitalism in a capitalist society, hating business when I needed to get a job and satisfy an employer...etc etc. I notice a lot of the same belligerence on this board as how I acted in my 20's. spouting my leftist rage. If you want peace of mind, the deep seated feeling that you're in the minority and most people are different than you then arguing about politics is not gonna give it to you. My advice to liberals to find peace of mind is to go one month without thought word or deed of ill will to another human being. http://townhall.com/columnists/johnhawkins/2012/04/03/5_reasons_liberals_are_such_unpleasant_people_to_be_around
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