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  1. Nothing is ever set in stone when we're discussing football. I seem to recall a year not too long ago when the Giants made the Wildcard spot and ended up winning a Super Bowl. There's plenty of football left, my friends. We are not living up to our potential as of yet, but I know we have it in us to persevere and make it one **** of a season.
  2. Why start a topic like this unless you are a bandwagon fan? Through thick and thin, I love my Falcons. We're having a rough season: We've had plenty. Our management is questionable, especially with the running game and a VERY young offensive line. Anyone who is a fan knows what changes should be made but keeps their Falcons' lanyards and jerseys on each and every week. Rise Up. And to whomever posted this topic in the first place, I imagine you're rooting for the Chiefs now. Sell me your tickets if you aren't going back to the Dome. Cheers.
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