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  1. Why not trust in what we have done on the def side of the ball thus far get the love child of beckham and green to replace white when he retire.
  2. I would love for us to trade down from 8 to 12 and 19 with the browns. I think we could address more needs get an impact defender and maybe RB.
  3. what does our cap look like in the years to come keeping in mind who are FAs during that time frame?
  4. if they help us put a better def then I am all for it. I would love to see a top 20 def next year and build on it from there. I think we can make that jump given good FA signings and teh draft. I do not think it is realistic to go from 31st def (might not be accurate) last year to a top 10 in one offseason. A top 20 def and a top 10 offense I think we can a make the playoffs given our schedule.
  5. All nice and well if we have him come in for a meeting but who knows
  6. Eagles trade McCoy to the Bills for Alonso. What will this mean for the Eagles in the Draft? They have the number 20 pick.
  7. What to say about he might want to delete his social media accounts. Players get paid to play. They sign the contracts and imo teams get the cap number low when signing them ro extensions or when they sign as FA back load the contracts for later then cut them when no longer playing like they did before.
  8. Has he ever played Guard? I know is contract is a big one will all money in it. Hopefully the Docs will recommend that he does not play anymore retires or takes an injury settlement. I would want a proven guard.
  9. Come on guys no need to cut just dont have to re sign him. Contract is expired!!!
  10. I think an improved from 7 will help the whole sec but a going away from a "hybrid" system will as well.
  11. With threads like this I wonder if they even follow the falcons. I say I am a Fan and in saying that I know a lot about the players ie college they went to, stats, and CONTRACT info. Come guys rise up
  12. Baker would be dumb to retire due to his contract and the amount of money his will he getting in the future.
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