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  1. Truth, I don't understand why you're lashing out at MDrake. He's such a nice young man. He's kind to children and old people. He recycles. He bucks missionary style with the lights off. Why single him out for not coming to your aid?
  2. Google Bot, Free Radical, IronBalls, Headshot. They only ban the good ones.
  3. Gibbon is one of the more rational and pragmatic posters we have; he's just prone to snideness. You'd think that if anyone could be forgiving of that it'd be you, Carl.
  4. This mall may prove to be an important battleground in the upcoming war on Christmas.
  5. What if they called it a ban against talking to yourself?
  6. I dunno anything about hernias but it sounds like you need more fiber in your diet.
  7. Pretty much anywhere you find political Islam, dead children abound.
  8. Rand Paul Is Right On Marijuana, And That Should Scare Democrats Into Action Send it.
  9. Recent polls by Gallup, Pew, and Bill O'Reilly have shown that a majority of Americans support legal weed,
  10. It's amazing how long the mods will allow people to go on posting racist content around here.
  11. Most of us here aren't on our original account. But you already knew that, DJohnson.
  12. They're like recovering alcoholics who go around telling people who can hold their liquor that they should be teetotalers.
  13. I guess you have to consider that guys like lo stone and Capologist grew up without fathers, and that's manifested itself in deep-seated emotional issues about providing for themselves and their families.
  14. You're probably gonna die of heart disease before you can retire so you minus whale enjoy your monies now while you still can.
  15. Speaking of people who like to make stupid generalizations, whatever happened to I AM 51?
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