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  1. Is Islam inherently more violent than other religions? IDK but the guy advocating for the laughably primitive and brutal social order isn't the best one to advance that particular argument.
  2. The mods had to delete that thread, too. http://boards.atlantafalcons.com/topic/4023276-moral-question/
  3. Which one was it who posted different revenge fantasy scenarios where his family was tortured/raped/murdered and he was some combination of Charles Bronson and Liam Neesons?
  4. I think we're almost to the point in the thread where Worzone brings up abortion.
  5. POLICE ENCOUNTER DEATHS IN BALTIMORE Tyrone West, 44: Died in July 2013; he stopped breathing after he was tackled and handcuffed by officers during a traffic stop. The autopsy blamed a heart condition aggravated by the struggle and hot temperatures. An internal review board said the officers were justified, but said officers made several tactical errors. Wests family is suing. Anthony Anderson, 46: Died in September 2012 after police said they broke up his drug deal. Officers said he fought with them and was slammed to the ground. His death, of internal bleeding from blunt force injuries, was ruled a homicide, but an internal review board ruled officers were justified, and prosecutors declined to charge them. George King, 19: Died in a hospital in May 2014 after officers shocked him six times with a stun gun. The states attorneys office filed no charges against police. Kings autopsy showed that King died of acute epidural abscess and meningitis with complications. Trayvon Scott, 30: Arrested on a charge of attempted murder, died in custody in February 2015 after showing signs of distress in a holding cell. Police called paramedics who took Scott to the hospital, where he died.
  6. Was Worzone the guy who posted that it's impossible for atheists to have morals or was that T Falcon?
  7. - Debunking rumors: Freddie Gray settlement connected to lead paint, not car accident or spinal surgery. The Free Republic website said Wednesday that Gray's "life-ending injuries to his spine may have possibly been the result of spinal and neck surgery that he allegedly received a week before he was arrested." The article also said the injury was a result of a car accident and cited thefourthesate.com as the source of information. The story did not cite any court records. Free Republic has since removed the story from its website and could not be reached for comment. http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/bs-md-gray-settlement-20150429-story.html
  8. I'm glad this board has gotten rid of scum like GoogleBot, IronBalls, and Billy Ocean. Now we have a nice place here where folks can crosspost links from their Stormfront and Facebook accounts.
  9. http://boards.atlantafalcons.com/topic/4019175-2-ny-police-officers-assassinated/?p=9048536 Did TummyHurts create a self-hating black man account?
  10. Exodus 20:15 seems pretty clear on this.
  11. It's alright lo, just try to be a little less crass.
  12. “That’s how we roll”: President Obama’s perfect example of D.C.’s warmongering con In a swaggering "60 Minutes" interview, the president shows how Washington defends its thirst for endless war
  13. I just read back through the whole thread again and the only thing I found offensive was lo stone counting other people's money. What a sham!
  14. If this is how things are gonna work around here then the powers that be minus whale go ahead and shut it down.
  15. Fascists are tyrannizing this board now.
  16. Cartman: “Once you take a stand, you pretend that your company is about more than money and then you’re the NFL and your players get caught molesting little boys.” Kyle: “That’s the Catholic Church!” Cartman: “NFL, Catholic Church, same thing. OK, let’s use the Catholic Church. You take a moral stand on issues and say you’re about honor and integrity and then the next thing you know, your clergymen are getting caught beating up their wives in an elevator.” Kyle: “That’s the NFL!”
  17. Speaking of rape... A Timeline of the Sexual Abuse Charges Against Bill Cosby
  18. Humor me for a minute... If the founding fathers had declared that women were barred from congress or holding the highest office in the land then 20th century society would have rightfully recognized that as an antiquated and misogynistic concept and amended it. Over the last century an increasing number of Protestant denominations have begun ordaining women. Do you guys think there will come a time in the future when your churches follow suit?
  19. If they have to go bad enough and there's a line for the ladies room, sure. Personally, I'd rather use the women's restroom. Men's rooms usually have piss all over the floor.
  20. I believe that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.
  21. One more question for Monoxide and JDave: Can women be ordained as priests in your religions? And if not, why?
  22. I was responding to a Monoxide post that appeared before yours. No need to get cunty. What was the discrepancy? That you interpret "seizing" women as "seducing" them?
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