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  1. I wish they'd legalize assisted suicide so that I could put an end to my lonely, miserable existence.
  2. We should all get together. Perhaps a meal of 'cukes and 'maters?
  3. Bankerbird or Sacfalcfan always ban my Scout accounts, but you know I'll always come back with a new one. I've got a few different personas at the moment. Of course there's brodyrox, the emotionally troubled teenage girl living in the poverty house unc bequeathed me. Then there's Tercel, the biracial, homosexual USMC vet. And I've got JonBoySturgis_akaGrG, the South Carolinian contractor and statutory rapist.
  4. Well, Scout, I've told you that not everybody has the benefit of a Yanceyville public school education.
  5. I'm in my second decade of unemployment, but I sustain myself by growing 'cukes and 'maters and trading art for expired medicine and candy.
  6. I've always taken the bus. Never had need for a car 'cept a VW Van that I've been fixin up for my niece.
  7. This guy is gayer than a three dollar bill. Hit dog is hollerin'
  8. I slang in my white tee, I bang in my white tee, All in the club spitting game in my white tee
  9. This time last year I was poon-tangin' all around Dannville, but I'm a good girl now.
  10. Hey I, but, I'm still alive Hey I, boy, I'm still alive Hey I, I, I, I'm still alive, yeah Ooh yeah...yeah yeah yeah...oh...oh...
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