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  1. Sen. Bernie Sanders: 'I'll be damned' if Americans lead ISIS fight

    By Jeremy Diamond, CNN

    Updated 11:23 AM ET, Tue September 30, 2014

    Sen. Bernie Sanders, one of the Senate's leading doves, said Tuesday he doesn't want the United States leading the fight against ISIS. Instead, said the Vermont senator, who is eyeing a 2016 presidential bid, the nation should be focused on helping the middle class.

    Sanders, an Independent who caucuses with Democrats, said he doesn't want to see the United States fall into another "quagmire in the Middle East," and he put the onus on Muslim countries to take on ISIS.

    "I'm sitting here wondering where Saudi Arabia is, where Kuwait is, where Qatar is," Sanders said on CNN's "New Day." "I'll be damned if kids in the state of Vermont -- or taxpayers in the state of Vermont -- have to defend the royal Saudi family, which is worth hundreds of billions of dollars."

    Saudi Arabia and Qatar are part of a five-country coalition of Middle Eastern nations that have joined the U.S. in airstrikes against ISIS in Syria, but Sanders suggested the U.S. should only be "supportive."

    Sanders also joined 21 other senators earlier this month in opposing a resolution to train and arm 5,000 moderate Syrian rebels to combat ISIS.

    "It cannot be won and it will not be won by the United States alone," Sanders said of the war on ISIS.

    And like a candidate running for office, Sanders, who is not up for reelection this fall, quickly shifted the interview away from whether the Senate should declare war to the plight of the middle class and increasing income inequality.

    "While we focus all of our attention on ISIS, the middle class in this country continues to collapse," Sanders said. "And you know what the people tell me in Vermont and around the country? Let's also start paying attention to the crises facing working families in America."

    Instead of a war resolution, Sanders rattled off a list of progressive initiatives he does "want to vote on," including raising the minimum wage and creating a national jobs program.

    Sanders calls for 'political revolution' in Iowa

    Sanders traveled to Iowa earlier this month on what he has described as a listening tour to gauge the appetite for what would be a populist campaign for the presidency.

    "I'm going around the country getting an assessment from the American people as to whether or not there would be support for a campaign that in fact takes on the Koch brothers, takes on the billionaire class," Sanders said.

  2. Geller continued to rail against the spread of Islam through her blog, Atlas Shrugs, where she wrote of her belief that President Obama is a secret Muslim who wants to destroy the United States from within the White House and is the love child of Malcolm X.



  3. Freddie Gray never had a chance

    By Eugene Robinson May 1

    Here is the key finding in the Freddie Gray case: Police had no legitimate reason to arrest him in the first place.

    The ostensible charge against Gray that he had an illegal switchblade was false, according to Baltimore City States Attorney Marilyn Mosby. The folding knife found in his pocket was of a design that is perfectly legal under Maryland law, Mosby said. Gray never should have been put into the police van where he suffered a fatal injury to his spine.

    Now does everyone understand the anger in Baltimore?

    The assumption that police officers made from the beginning was that Gray must be guilty of something. He was standing on a street corner not a crime. He made eye contact with one of the officers who approached him also not a crime. He ran away still not a crime.

    But he was a young African-American man in a depressed inner-city neighborhood, so he enjoyed a presumption of guilt, not of innocence. He never had a chance.

    Running from the police is not a crime. It is true that courts have given police more latitude in high-crime areas, so the officers might have been able to defend their decision to chase Gray. But once they had caught him and found he was not in violation of any law police had no justification whatsoever for taking him into custody.

    Police officers exercise discretion every day. They dont stop everyone they see walking in the street, selling loose cigarettes, driving with a broken tail light or loitering on a high-crime corner. They make choices. Far too often, they choose to assume that black men must be guilty of something and look for reasons to arrest them.

    Imagine what would happen if police cruised the nations wealthiest suburbs, looking for excuses to arrest people. Imagine the outrage if officers regularly patrolled golf courses, taking middle-aged white men into custody for illegally betting on the outcome of a match. Imagine how people would react if such a trumped-up arrest ended in the death of the person being arbitrarily detained.

    It is gratifying that six police officers have been charged in Grays death. Justice, this time, will have a fighting chance. But the Black Lives Matter campaign should continue until they actually do.


  4. The knife found on Freddie Gray was not a switchblade and therefore legal. Gray was illegally arrested according to State 's Attorney Mosby.

    Freddie Gray begged the police for medical help, and they ignored him. The second prisoner in the police van says officers took care of handling him at police district before tending to Freddie Gray who was unresponsive. The autopsy showed no evidence Gray banged his head against van wall.

    Before Freddie Gray the Baltimore Police left Dondi Johnson paralyzed from the waste down after a rough ride and paid him $7.4 million.

    Before Freddie Gray the Baltimore Police paralyzed Jeffrey Alston from the neck down in a rough ride and paid him $37 million.


  5. I hope and pray this is not the case this time Unca T. I think the fix is in, the cops will walk, but B'more will be torched if this happens! If any of you are praying people, the time has come to pray that the outcome of this case is something that is palatable to the citizens of West and East B'more!!! God help us!!!

    She's overseeing Freddie Gray case; both parents, grandfather, 2 aunts, 3 uncles are police officers


    She said she heard the call re: "no justice, no peace", though.

    Meanwhile, the police oversight package dwindles further. Senate Approps kills police bodycams bill (HB1285) and adding civilians to Peace Officer Standards and Training Board (HB1287).

  6. Investigative Reporter for WBAL-TV Jayne Miller has been shooting down that narrative about Gray injuring himself since it first appeared.


    And if you wanna see a real thug, google "Lieutenant Brian Rice."

    Baltimore police officer who chased Freddie Gray had pattern of violence - court filings

    Brian Rice, lieutenant suspended in police-van death that sparked federal inquiry, was ordered to stay away from man who had fear of imminent harm or death


  7. Maryland State legislator Patrick McDonough, the guest host of a drive-time radio program on Wednesday morning, discussed the possibility of revoking food stamps from the parents of protesting Baltimore youth.

    Later during the same broadcast, McDonough called for a "scientific study" of what he called the "thug nation" in the black community. McDounough is a Republican member of the states House of Delegates who represents a suburban area northeast of the city.


  8. Ah yes, public service unions - government organized as a special interest to lobby itself to expand itself.

    "All Government employees should realize that the process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service. It has its distinct and insurmountable limitations when applied to public personnel management. The very nature and purposes of Government make it impossible for administrative officials to represent fully or to bind the employer in mutual discussions with Government employee organizations." - Franklin D. Roosevelt, August 16, 1937

  9. Since 2011, Baltimore City has paid $5,765,065 in settlements and court judgments on cases alleging misconduct by police


    "The blow was so heavy. My eyes swelled up. Blood was dripping down my nose and out my eye."

    "*****, you aint no better than any of the other old black ****** I have locked up."

    "They slammed me down on my face," Brown added, her voice cracking. "The skin was gone on my face. ..."

  10. I have friends who tend to have opinions more toward the "conservative" side of this issue and this is a point I bring up to them all the time.When they felt like the government was coming for their guns they were talking about and hinting at a full blown revolution yet when the government/Cops actually freaking kill someone and the people respond.....well they're just being ridiculous.The hypocrisy drives me crazy.

    "In the areas of the country where the government has proven itself unable or unwilling to defend the negroes when they are being brutally and unjustly attacked, then negroes themselves should take whatever steps necessary to defend themselves.

    And one of the best methods by which this can be done is to establish rifle clubs. Its legal in this country to own a rifle. This doesnt mean that the Negro is going to initiate some kind of aggressive action against anybody, but it does mean that the Negro will be serving notice that no longer does he believe in turning the other cheek and being the constant victim of someone elses brutality." - Malcolm X

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