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  1. I am upset, disappointed and disgusted at the turn out of this season but what I wont do is point the finger or say fire this person or trade that person. The team as a whole is accountable for our disappointing season, that includes coaches and GM. I have also relized that this football people, there are so many elements and equations at work. As we now see nothing is for certain. With that said look at these other teams that are in the same shoes we are in, thought to be playoff/Super Bowl contenders and records bad and even worse than ours. What I will not do is play the blame game. These guys are professionals. They get paid to do what they do and **** good money too, but dont think for a moment they are content with the way things are. Its not all about the money, loyalty, honor, pride, respect and to be cheered by the fans are all a part of what they do. It's seems to me now a days people take the sport way too serious. If we're not winning or playing up to par fans can be real bitter. Some of the stuff I read it's just down right pathetic and appalling. Yeah you have the right to be upset but in my mind frame you still say good job try to do better or better luck next time. In my 36 years of living I come to realize if you add negative to negative it only begates negative. Show your concern but don't be so critical. To rise sometimes you must fall. Yes it's been a long time coming for us and we've been through a lot as fans and as a team. We all want the same thing to bring that Lombardi home to Georgia. It may be in the near future or long time still but while you wait enjoy the sport and sit back and watch one of the greatest shows on earth. As T.O. use to say "get your popcorn ready the show is about to start". WIN LOSE OR DRAW HEALTHY OR HURT SUPER BOWL OR NOT EVEN 2-5 STILL DB4L RISE UP!
  2. No matter the score or the record if I had the money I would still go just to show my birds support. To be a fan a REAL fan support your team. Show them that there are still people rooting for them. Give them motivation and praise even when there done. WIN LOSE OR DRAW HEALTHY OR HURT SUPER BOWL OR NOT EVEN 2-5 STILL DB4L RISE UP
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