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  1. Why were in that b.s. defense where we looked like we were conceding yardage for them to at least get in field goal range? Go back and look. The only players in the screen were the olineman. Everybody else was guarding the sticks 19 yards away. We are too **** vanilla, with no athletes in our Front 7.
  2. What about Deion celebrating? I bet you thought that was cool.
  3. Or does it start at the top (owner/front office)? What role do the fans play in changing the culture? I honestly believe that this organization is too conservative and plays everything too close to the vest. Too afraid to be bold. I like Quinn, but his assistants leave much to be desired. The free agents are solid and that's it. We hit on Freeman and Matthews, but haven't wowed anyone with out defensive picks in the front 7. We are very average on defense. Dimitroff should have been fired two years ago, but we are so forgiving that he was allowed to stay on. Why, I do not know. Changing the culture should come with winning, however we even managed to screw that up!!
  4. Telvin Smith would be our starting OLB now if Dummytroff had done his homework. Dude was straight outta Valdosta and balled at FS
  5. At this point, I would line Maponga up opposite Beasley. Is anyone else tired of watching Kroy Beirmann get stone walled every play. Give Maponga a chance!
  6. We're 5-0, relax! We're 5-1, relax! We're 6-2, relax! Eight weeks later, We're 8-8 and miss the playoffs!! WTF happened??? I was relaxed.
  7. Only a blind lemming would be happy with the way this team has performed lately. The penalties and turnovers are alarming. They talk a good game during the week about fixing it, but come out and do the same damnn thing each week. If we make it to the playoffs, we ain't beating nobody.
  8. That's where all our problems start and end. That and Shanahan's stupid assss pass happy play calling.
  9. I'm started to wonder about this fool. Shanahan single handedly made the offense one dimensional with his pass happy play calling when he didn't have to. Freeman should have been doing the heavy lifting in overtime, but Shanahan continued to drop Ryan back with McCoy licking his chops.
  10. A pass rush would make this defense top 5, I'm convinced.
  11. With no pass rush, I'd say they all held up pretty good.
  12. Same for Schottenheimer at UGA. Good ole boy network in full effect.
  13. The best linebacker I've seen play for the Falcons.
  14. Yeah, Gerald Green is a non-factor. Second leading scorer for the Heat last night.
  15. It appeared that most of the pressure was coming from inside yesterday. Is Schraeder a better option at guard than Chester or Levitre? If so, slide him inside and start Jake. I think we will need this guy eventually. Might as well get him in there now. Thoughts??
  16. If Wheeler comes in and plays well, and Durant comes back healthy, I would put Reed in the middle and send Worrilow's slow asss to the bench.
  17. No matter the offense, Matt Ryan needs to cut out those "wtf" interceptions.
  18. Quinn is not happy with the play of our linebackers. And that includes WorriSLOW!
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