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  1. It's time to send Kyle Korver to the bench and get an athletic 2 who can shoot, defend,and finish. I heard Sacramento was shopping Rudy Gay.
  2. Go get Aldridge Bud!!
  3. Give the bench significant minutes in Game 3.
  4. Muscala needs to play more minutes. Antic is useless when it comes to rebounding and protecting the paint. He can't jump, is stiff, and has short arms.
  5. Will we ever draft a thumper on defense?
  6. A Dimitroff pick?
  7. Denzel Perryman? AJ Cann?
  8. Jake Fisher?
  9. Jake Fisher will be our pick. But I wouldn't mind Denzel Perryman.
  10. Maxx Williams to the Jets?
  11. I wanted Yeldon.
  12. I told y'all suckas
  13. **** yeah
  14. Vic Beasley or Gurley right now!! Dammnitt
  15. yep, Mike Scott needs to play more too.