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  1. If your still against weed in 2015 then your stupid. Do some research on the benefits shouldn't be illegal in the first place. Hopefully we pick him up late
  2. People act as if Calling out Mike Smith is a bad thing. This whoke bored wanted the mans head lol
  3. I say Vic Beasley especially with The potential of Dan Quinn as a falcons HC with his defensive skills. Also if we pick up Shannahan and open the budget for some new OL studs in free agency to replace and go with our strong points on the line. I like James stone and Mathews. Also get FA Line backers that are actually good and can bring some leadership to the game. The fact that we have 2nd year UDFA as a defensive captain shows that we are lacking. We need to give Dan Quinn Some Raw Youth to work with. Not only just for next year but the future of the falcons as well.
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